18 Years Old makes it to ThorangLa Pass(5416M)

Shout Out to my 18years Old energetic brother who made it to ThorangLa Pass(5416M) in our recent trek(Oct-Nov, 2018). Although it was his first time above 4000M he walked like a professional, actually ran like a horse. He was in the front row one while reaching Tilicho Lake as well as ThorangLa Pass. And he will complete traveling whole Nepal before you people think about starting your first trek😄 Funniest part of the whole trek was his singing “दामी दामी दामी, वरीपरी चाहियो मलाई राम्री राम्री नानी” 😂😂😂

Today’s blog will be a short and sweet expressiong words of appreciation to the Hunk Mr. Ashish Dhakal. He was the youngest member of our trekking among me, Sudeep, Dipesh & Suman, 18 to be exact 😄. He is the cousin brother of Suman. Their faces looks similar and their noses looks exactly the same 😜 He was new to us but in the first day only he started singing that funny song which I metnioned above. Later, we came to know that it was a rap song my a younr Nepali Rapper VTen. We found him engaging and interesting. 

After we started walking from Khangsar, Manang, all of us had a similar pace for about half an hour. Khangsar is about 3500m above the sea level. We started walking from such a high altitude so after a short walk I started to feel the gravity and my pace started being a constant one. I caught my usual pace and I was a couple of minutes back from my friends at sometimes. I was sometimes ahead and sometimes behind. I was trying to be in the herd of free walkers 🙂

Till base camp it was not a problem. As it was our first day we easily reached to the TIlicho Base Camp. Ashish was in the front row with Dipesh and Sudeep while SUman was a little behing. He was busy taking lots of serene landscapes. Else he would also be in the front row and I would call my entire trekking a solo one 😁. Next day was a tough one. We had planned to ascend to the Tilicho Lake, return back to Shree Kharka and head towards Yak Kharka. We started walking at 4:30 AM in the morning. To walk from 4200m was a challenge for us. Personally the highest altutude that I had walked before was 4200m at Panchpokhari. I was pushing my limit and my footsteps. Again I and suman were behind rest of the boys. But this young guy was walking as if he was born in the mountains. He kept on walking catching the pace of Dipesh and Sudeep. Dipesh is a mad Max when it comes to walking. While Ashish walked and walked and walked. This was his first trekking and he hasn’t even been to 4000m before. So just imagine what his genes are medo of!😂

This one to the team 🤘

You guys might have a perspective about me as a slow walkeing guy. Because I am repeatedly saying that I was behind all of them .Well, that is not the case in the entire trekking. When it came to downhill or walking at the plain I used to be in the front row. 

Crossing ThorangLa Pass was even more tougher for me. We were staying at the High Camp,4800m. The whole night it felt like sleeping in a chamber which had no oxygen inside. I and Sudeep didn’t sleep at all for whole night. Every hour, one of us would wake up and ask for water. Then we would ask eachother if we were feeling good. While rest team members were sleeping well.

Next monring my feet were heavy so I was walking slowly. While our boy Ashish walked along with other members. He didn’t stop at all. His face was completely red yet, there were no issues in his health. His energy level was not reduced at all. He was taking pictures at the ThorangLa Pass. 

Man, we are all impressed with his capacity and confidence throughout the trek. Ashish you should explore more and live a wonderful life. Just take slower steps while walking downhill. If you will run like you did while returning back from Tilicho than your knee is gonna give you a hard time when you will be 21–22. After reading this blog, I believe many teenagers and youths will be highly motivated and might be envying to travel like him.And one last thing, if anyone reading this blog who hasn’t managed some time to wander around new places, do plan a trip this 2019! There is a wonderful thing called LIFE out there, live it.

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  1. Thank you so much. You must trek to Tilicho Lake and ThorangLa Pass. Make your plans this 2019 🙂

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