2 Months of LibreOffice English-Nepali L10N with KUOSC and FOSSNP

I’m not there in this image, I was trekking to Badimalika, Bajura, Nepal at that time.

One fine evening in the month of April Mr. Saroj Dhakal (my senior at FOSS Nepal and my mentor) called me to share his updated on LibreOffice Translation Project. Together we had worked on Ubuntu L10N and also released Localized Nepali version of Ubuntu 15.10 during ITMEET 2015. he said he had proposed The DocumentFoudation.org to support with some fund for Volunteers that will do LibreOffice Localization in Nepali Langauge.

We made a plan that we will start an online hangout session and start inviting contributors as well as contribute side by side.

Here at our Hangout Group, we started talking every night at 9:30 P.M onwards. In the early days, we used to be about 5 volunteers and more than translation we used to talk about KU Stuffs as most of us were from Kathmandu University. Suman, Shubham, Pratit, Dipesh, Sadikshya, Monika, Saroj Dai and I used to talk about FOSS Activities in Nepal.

For a duration of 2 months, we grew large and also achieved some good results. In April we organized a meetup at Mahabir Dai ko Restaurant where 35 volunteers showed up and did a great job. The event was featured by Documentfoundation.org

And finally from 8500 critical errors now there are 999 critical errors to be resolved which is a great achievement.

  • The FOSS Nepal Community and Kathmandu University Open Source Community participated in and co-organised the event
  • For translations of LibreOffice, participants reduced the number of critical error strings from over 9000 down to 3808
  • LibreOffice Online was completely localized during this event
  • The number of active contributors increased from 2 to 35

Now the LibreOffice Localization Critical errors has reduced to three digits. Congratulations to all of us. Having said that I will now be taking a short break as I need to contribute on initiation of one Open Source Project at KU. Will announce the details to you all if I can make some updates. Till that time @Saroj dai and every member of this team, I request you all to contribute sometime in fixing these critical projects. Hope we will soon reach from three digits to two digits of critical errors.

And feel free to ask for your queries here and I will always try to be of your help.

We used to take a snapshot of our contributions such that we could share it on the hangout and make other individuals interested in contributing daily. Here are few such screenshots: