2 Years at Verscend | My Work Anniversery

Okay, how should I start then? If the topic of blog was anything else, I could easily write 700–1000 words. Because the talkitive me can also express in the form of writings.

This morning, my manager wished me Congratulations. I don’t know, about what, but again he said congratulations and I remembered, okay it’s my work anniversary. Every celebrations’ email from the HR goes to the Manager and the concerned individuals. As I hadn’t checked my email, I was so surprised.

That’s it about the work anniversary. We celebrate birthdays going for coffee with the team but not work anniversary because in a way work anniverseries are remainders. They reminds us for how long we stayed in same workspace within the same team, doing similar tasks. But wait, did I say that the work is boring? Noo, not at all. Working at Verscend’s culture is the best experience that I have.

Well verscend is first milestone of my career path. I started from the internship program, back in June, 2016, then Trainee, Associate and now as a Software Engineer. Verscend Technologies, now Cotiviti is the best place to work for compared to the rest of the companies and their work culture in Nepal. There are both good and bad sides everywhere, but those who perform well are always happy and satisfied here. Well I’m writing here not to praise a software company, but just wanted to tell that, work is fun, workculture here is also awesome. But the only thing that I wonder about is sticking in the same company for years. I don’t know. I might be another individual to be working here for years too. But HUGE QUESTION MARK ?? 🙂

Well, let’s not think too much about it too. But yeah It’s been two years at verscend and I’m loving it.

This two years of work experience has helped me a lot in building professionalism. I guess I had very few before. I learnt the process, software tools, programming skills here to some extent. But that’s not important because the frameworks and technology keeps on changing and we need to learn new things in every 3–4 years. Important thing which I learnt here is the interpersonal skills, taking responsibilities, communicating among the teams, taking ownership and delivering the result in time.

“Fun” is all that I did in last two years. Five days of work for nine long hours each day sounds boring. But we take coffee breaks, tech trainings, fun with peers explore new things happening around, celebrate birthdays, like July birthday babies, annual days, go on hikes, enjoy the happy hours and many more. The one who gets in, gets to experience all these and even more.

You spend years in this 6 storeyed building where 300+ employees are working in different teams, different products, intertwined for a common goal. Crazy is it? Maybe it is. And I spent my two years contributing my smaaaaalllll part here.

Rest, next year!

Let’s Watch this movie “स्त्री” now!

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