Last Day of 2018 Ended Singing Soothing Songs With Prelisa

Every year on the last day I used to think about incomplete works/promises/projects and feel sad in this last day. But last two years was not sad at all. Last year I was having a coffee time with a friend at Mr. Bake, Banepa. Today I had my graduate classes to attend from 9’0 Clock. Being the initial classes, I’m not bored attending them. Classes in graduate level are more interactive compared to the classes we attended in undergraduate.

Saturday at Alumni Meet, Prelisa and I sang a few songs at the Senate Hall of Kathmandu University. As the event started an hour late, we almost sang for twenty-five minutes. We started with the song Najeek by Bartika Eam Rai. Both of us enjoyed the song wholeheartedly because our voices were on sync. It was a pleasant singing that both of us were so happy. So were the other few Alumni present at the Senate Hall.

So we decided to sing more. After both of our classes, we spent almost an hour beside the CV Raman Auditorium singing some songs. We screwed the lyrics, sorry for that🤣. We did click the video of three of them to keep the memory of this day. later we had wonderful chitchat. It was a memorable fun time I had after a long time. It was hers too because you can see her smiling while we sang those songs 🙂

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