This 2018, I Earned People And Small Space In Their Heart!

Thank you Google Photos for keeping my memories alive in your cloud storage. In the last week of 2017, I was doing good things. I checked my gallery and found out that, I and Ram did our trekking Mardi Base Camp on 25th December. Next, I was reading this book “The Climb“. It was a cold winter, so I was walking at Narayanchaur every single day after our 12:00 P.M. lunch with my seniors Ram, Vishma, and Yuvraj. I attended the Evening Aarati of Pashupati Nath Temple on my own. On the new year’s eve, I was having coffee and cake with a friend at Mr. Bake Banepa. Next day i.e. the first day of January as my photo speaks I was walking in the streets of Banepa at 6:57 A.M. Maybe I thought, one should at least get up early in the first day of the year.

This year, I did different activities, traveled many places and also made awesome memories. From thirty-one districts, not the lists of districts of Nepal which I’ve visited has increased to forty-one. Many things happened but more importantly, this year I earned people and small space in their heart.

Yesterday, I got a message from my friend. She texted saying that “Sanjogey you are a good person. I just felt like saying that”. Sanjeele, I’m so happy to know you this 2018. Your kind words made my heart cheerful. Again I got another message at Viber from Yuvraj Dai. He asked when was my last date at the office. Then he said Vai, I find you as my own brother. You might not visit Kathmandu and meet us often. Do visit back and hangout, I will miss you. I felt so special hearing such words full of love from him. I mean it wholeheartedly. Bigyan, Prajwol, Yuvraj and I, we four had a lot of fun in these two years at Verscend. Also three of us except Prajwol, we went for trekking to Badimalika. So we talked about going to Shey Phoksundo together. Being together with the company of three seniors, I had had a wonderful memory. Now all three have already switched the office and I’m quitting for my academic studies.

After those two messages, I thought wow, the year is about to end and I should cherish it with the most important thing that I achieved this year. So what else is important than earning love, support, and space in somebody’s heart? Money, experience, academic excellence, awards are all part of our professional journey. I did earn all those in the last two years. But earning people’s heart is the most important thing.

I should also remember many good-hearted people who have supported me throughout my journey. Not the only ones which started this 2018 but a long way back! My good friends some of them whom I’ve mentioned in my blog “Dear Stranger”. Meeting IIH and sharing time with him, knowing the experience of a fellow traveler is something, I would never forget. Also walking the trails of Tilicho-Thorang La Pass with this energetic young lad Ashish, surprises after meeting Heena at Tilicho Base Camp are memories that makes 2018 so beautiful. Wonderful time at the Tea Shop with Pranish and my seniors, my happy bunch of mates of Team Rubix, foods, gossips, coffee talks and jokes shared together , fun and songs sang together with Prashant while returning back to home from office every evening
are some wonderful memories of this year. And more is yet to be made together!

I get touched while writing about the new people, new experiences and new memories I got to share this 2018. As the year grows young and the clock ticks at its own pace, I wonder, what’s causing this fragile distance between my loved ones. Friends who were once so close are now lost. As the new friendship is grooming the old ones with whom we made our golden days are slowing fading away. I’m still unable to figure it out, what/when/how/who/why created this gap. It might be me to some extent, but I miss all of you. I do care about you people and wish you my best regards for the upcoming new year. I wish all of you will achieve your goal, stay happy and blessed. Maybe we will catch up again this year!

PS: Today Prelisa and I entertained each others’ company by singing and with wonderful chitchat. We did record one or two videos which I will share on my next blog. My Daily writing commitment got disrupted due to the Team Building and presentation works. But still, I will keep on writing.