6 Years of Letting Twitter play with my mood swings for free! ;)

Not much of an interesting thing to share about as a blog post, but since no one is judging, why not, right? 🙂

Screenshot_2019-02-08 Home Twitter.png

Twitter says it’s my sixth twitter anniversary. Wow I have wasted many hours of my life stalking at other’s tweets, tweeting around 6000 tweets and following the twitter notifications. Wow so today’s gonna be some memory sharing about twitter.

Earlier days of twitter, I don’t remember continuously tweeting anything useful. I used to only follow my seniors all from my University. They used to talk about different stuffs. And it was interesting. Not much of my classmates or batch mates from Kathmandu University used to use twitter. Besides the known seniors it used to be reading tweets of strangers.

Good thing at twitter was that if anybody shares something good, many people replied or retweeted it. This was good and organic stuffs that used to happen in twitter. Earlier there used to be only 140 characters that we could write in a single tweet. But then in 2017 twitter increased the tweet character limit to 280 characters. Now many loved this change, since expressing your mood or feeling in 140 character was a cool thing.

Girls who are on twitter they are fucking mind blowing. Yes, I used the word before expressing how they are 🙂 You will not know the reason for why they are so cool and awesome, if you are not following those ladies out there. And if you are following those circle of Nepali girls than you have the answer.

Yes, there are two largely divided groups at twitter. One, where everybody showers constructive and productive criticism about any random topics that one loves. Another, there is this group of entertaining, sarcastic users, who express their feelings in terms of poems, satire or comedy. In the first group you will feel awkward to fit in in the beginning, because you got to have that level of knowledge in the subject you are speaking. Mind it, if you throw some random shit in any topic than this first group will rip your balls out, and you won’t even realize it. Yes there are such group of Nepali twitter users whom I follow and get to read awesome tweets.

Facebook is a bitch. It feels choking when you get to see your relatives, whom you meet only in Dashain or marriage, commenting this sugar coated good comments. If you try to break the stereotype and choose words to use of your ease and choose to wear a dress of your comfort, the fucking spammers of Facebook, will react as if you killed somebody. But twitter is heaven. Search the word “Fuck” at my twitter profile and out of those 6000 tweets you will find it repeated at least thousand times. There are group of guys and girl who make me realize that the “Freedom to Speech”  actually exists in a social networking site. I get to read opinions about chaupadi, tootle’s issue, #IAmWithDrKC, periods( girls share their pain ), discrimination, harassment, love for books, any good cafes to hop in the valley, new songs worth listening, movie worth watching a dozen times.

I’ve met people from twitter in real life too. That’s one good thing about twitter. Like the way they are in their tweets, they are same in real life too 🙂 They are actually spreading positive vibes all around. I love such people.

Twitter Twitter Twitter, to much of it. Some are actually addicted on sharing tweets like a dozens of tweets in a day. Those people are the ones I unfollow very soon. But if twitter exists for next twenty or thirty years than obviously I will be tweeting every now and then. Because there are many like minded plus open minded individuals.