A Few Sentences That Change their meaning accordingly!

I’m Okay!”

I’m not sure if it changes it’s meaning everytime I read it. But, I use this sentence in every situation. Whether I’m super excited, calm, stressed, amazed, sad or depressed, low, down, any mood actually.

I also use another sentence “I’ll figure it out!”. But this doesn’t apply to the question asked. This sentence is used whenever I am in trouble, worried, made some mistake or need to make some strong carrier choice. I speak to myself and say I’ll figure it out, I must figure it out. It’s my life, my choice that put me in this place, my choice which will take me out of this situation. So I am the only one who needs to figure it out.

Life is Beautiful!

I’ve not gone through other answers but I’m pretty sure this is already here. And also I am not gonna explain this. But this sentence perfectly fits the question asked above. If you wanna know the reason why than with all due respect, please watch the movie itself!


I just wrote this three because I use them a lot. But to find more of such sentences: go to the Quora answer from the link below:

Quora URL: http://qr.ae/TUN37X