About Graduate Studies and My Statement Of Purpose(SOP in an Hour)

Today I submitted the form for Graduate Admission in MTech IT at Kathmandu University. After two years of work experience, now I thought is the right time to take a break and continue the academic journey. I was going through these two thoughts for a few months and now I finally came to a conclusion. The first one said that if I will work one more year and not continue my academics, I would be so damn fucked up with the same stuff which I’ve been doing at work for a long time. Also, my zeal of being a researcher and contributing a meaningful effort to the community would also be fucked(by myself). And the other thought said that money is also somehow important right now. The amount that I’m contributing to my family is still less and at the same time, I have not saved much to fulfill my needs.

But the first thought hit me hard due to many other strong reasons and I decided to continue by Graduate Studies. I thought money is never enough and the more money one earns, more demanding one becomes. So three years down the line, I will still be this same person without any savings, yet surviving on my own, living a hectic 9 hours of day job life. But this is not what I want. The first thought which I have carried since my undergraduate, this desire of learning, doing research and building something of my own that could benefit others won.

Since I want to stay here at Nepal only and do something meaningful for the community, travel my country and explore more, I submitted the form for MTech in IT at Kathmandu University today.

If I will get selected that I need to keep my professional relationship with my team and need to do the handover as well as complete my assigned tasks. But that is all the second priority. I have not even informed my manager about all this graduate studies thing. Working with Team Rubix for two long years, I feel like I’ve built a personal relationship along with the professionalism. Since my manager guides me and motivates me in improving my skills, he is someone I always respect. After the results, if it goes well I will be sharing it without hesitation because the decision is made.

I didn’t know that we have to submit a Statement of Purpose at KU. But going through the form I saw it last night. So today morning I wrote a Statement Of Purpose in about an hour 🙂 I didn’t even review it and gave additional input to it so definitely it looks vague and could be rejected. But here it goes:

Statement of Purpose

Sanjog Sigdel

“ Can Data Analytics with Machine Learning approaches shape the ongoing Healthcare scenario of Nepal”. For the last two years, this problem has encouraged me to dive into the sector of Health Informatics. I studied my undergraduate in Computer Science at Kathmandu University, one of the top universities in Nepal. During my undergraduate, I did projects like Nepal Medical Data Visualization where I built a web platform to visualize patients’ flow within different medical wards of a Hospital. Likewise, I did a research work on “Software Requirements Specification of E-Health Architecture for Nepal” which gave a broader perspective on complexities of shifting the traditional healthcare system online.

I worked as a Software Engineer in a Healthcare Company which drives sophisticated healthcare services of the United States. The company provides real-time analytics in different aspects of healthcare like Medical Claims, Healthcare Norms, Health Insurance, risk and fraud detection. Having built a skill set to work on solving the healthcare problems, there are no areas to implement such skill sets in the Healthcare business of Nepal. With the realization that the Health sector of Nepal is slowly moving towards electronic systems, I select Kathmandu University for pursuing my master’s degree and do rigorous research for providing applicable solutions.

The healthcare architecture of Nepal is not yet concrete or meets the international standards. This is due to the technological divide which is creating a problem in implementing the IT solutions in rural areas. The problem exists in different levels from, health data collection maintaining the data standards. Also, data that are published by the authorities are not is a standard format such that researchers could easily use them in their research works. Such problems drive me to do research in Health Informatics being enrolled as a graduate student.

Problems in healthcare in the context of Nepal can be solved by developing software architecture and solutions which can guide health personnel in performing the right procedures of E-Health systems. Healthcare data can then be represented in different models for information mining and analytics. Machine learning approaches play a key role which I will be using for the data analytics. Courses like Artificial intelligence studied during undergraduate and Data Science courses from Coursera will be a knowledge base to start with. I believe that the Department of Computer Science and Engineering will supervise me and facilitate in their Labs for research and development.

I am particularly keen to study at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Kathmandu University because of the research opportunities it provides to the students. Besides its sound curriculum and aspiring faculties, the department motivates students to participate in research activities. Being one of the best Universities of Nepal and the top performing department in the University, I am applying for MTech. IT.