Any need of Proving Your Nationality?

Someone requested an answer to this question “What are 3 reasons to prove you are Nepali? ” on Quora and here is what I had to say:

If you have a legal identity of any country(i.e. citizenship) then you need not prove yourself as a Nepali or an Indian or a Chinese.

But if I’m not wrong, the context for which this question is asked could be Why is our nationality important for us.

So mostly national identity is given much importance:

  1. When an individual or a group of individuals represent his or her country in some international event(Conference, tournaments, seminars, and workshops). While they perform a good result their identity is automatically attached to their Name. For example the Gold Medalist in Marathon in the Olympics Game Mr. Baikuntha Manandhar from Nepal. Your nationality is attached to your identity.
  2. Your nationality is important if you are roaming around as a tourist or any tourist is roaming around in your country. It feels great to interact with people from other countries and learn about their country. And most of the time with their physical appearance also we can guess their nationality(Not always true but still…)
  3. Next, I think our nationality is important whenever someone pokes our sovereignty, threatens our national unity, disguises our identity or adds negative comments, tortures our citizens, national gems, and nationality resources as well as religious and cultural heritage.

I would reiterate that we should not prove our nationality but instead, we should prove ourselves. Then everyone will know us, our nationality and overall our country.