Appeal for Support, Help my Friend Madhav in Participating at “MIT BOOTCAMP”. Please!

My childhood friend Madhav’s application has been accepted for The “MIT Bootcamp”. This is a huge opportunity to be selected out of 380 application from 70+ countries. big application This Bootcamp can change his life. I’m confident that he will make a fortune out of this bootcamp. So who doesn’t want to see a friend whom you have known since your childhood living his dream?

He has shared almost every details, documents, emails, his academic background and conversation via his Facebook post. I’ve embed his post below so you can go through his appeal and contribute a little amount from your end, please.

Little memory that I want to share about our school time. I remember I used to play Mario at my keyboard play station which was a famous gaming fever of that time. While, Govinda and Madhav had prepared a program in QBasic using that keyboard game. With that program, we could solve those equations of physics in school.

In high school, I went to White House College. Madhav and Govinda switched their second year from Siddhartha College of Banepa to Islington College Baneshwor. While studying at Siddhartha, they never returned back home early. There used to be this Cyber Cafe at Dhulikhel and these two nerds used to take hours there only. Our discussions during Saturdays at home used to be about Mathematics, Science and Computer. The mathematics part I never understood clearly. I barely remembered how to solve derivatives and they two used to talk about Geometry, Algorithms, Differential equations. I just nod my head. Today he has completed double Bachelors. And he also took this training of Land management Training Center where he studies many techniques about measurements of lands. Brothers at village used to call us Scientists. Not that we were genius but guys among us who studies at boarding schools were always different. And at that time we couldn’t easily understand the humors that our seniors used to throw at during the conversations. So we were a different bunch of young boys who never new what we wanted. But every new things that we learnt used to fascinate us.

Today with Madhav’s selection at MIT Bootcamp, I feel so proud that I know his struggle for receiving this opportunity. And I also realize his financial shortcomings. So I thought I could contribute with the least that I could. Also seeing his post shared by Sadan, I felt like why not to share it among my friends & readers. If you had a past like his, full of struggle yet passion to explore always, then someone will definitely contribute him.       

I did a little contribution on behalf of me and my school friend Aditya Jyoti Taujale

    Cyber Receipt       Date:18/12/18 9:18 PM

Reference id         : 1165865
TimeStamp            : 18/12/18 9:18 PM
Debit AccountId      : 00505100257626
Credit AccountId     : 02405080307116
Transaction Amount   : 4,000.00
Transaction Currency : NPR


A year back Aditya and I had collected 4000 rupees(two thousand each) and gave it to our school friends for helping Khem Raj Niraula Sir. Our respected Nepali teacher from Kabhre Secondary School had to go through Kidney Transplant which required lots of money. So we also collected it and gave it to a school friend. Then the discussion on Facebook Group began about how to hand over money. Many other friends from SLC 2075 were willing to contribute. But due to some over smart, shit-faced friends of mine twisted the topic from donation and started to raise questions like how can the money be trusted in any individual’s account. They started to place price saying friends from Nepal will need to donate this much amount of money and friends living abroad will donate this much. In the end, nothing happened. Fuck you my ass holes friends. And also thank you, people, due to your enormous support we couldn’t handover the sum. But I had always thought that I would contribute it to a good cause. So this money is on behalf of me and my school friend Aditya Jyoti Taujale.

PS: It’s thirty-third day of my daily writing commitment. And today’s blog, an appeal for support to my dear friend is a special one for me. I request everyone to contribute. Please!