ATM Booth of NIBL at Durbarmarg and It’s Blunder!

I was supposed to write about this incident my friend faced yesterday at the ATM Booth of Nepal Investment Bank Limited, Durbarmarg. Since it was my 25th day or my daily writing commitment, I thought about writing few words of appreciation to my readers. I started that as a paragraph of this blog post, but the word count crossed more than three hundred words. So I had to separate the blogs.

Also another incident happened yesterday after returning back from the ATM. We were not allowed to walk on the streets near Jay Nepal movie Theatre because of the National Security Reasons. President of Nepal was passing through that road so we were stopped for a few minutes. This happened with me for the first time ever. I will share about it soon!

Back to the Point

After having our ChiyaGuff at 4:00 PM, we went to the ATM Booth at Durbarmarg. Pranish had to take some cash out. Within few minutes he came out of the booth saying that “ The machin is off due to the power cut and my ATM is now stuck inside”. I told I will watch your card, why don’t you go inside the Bank and ask for help. As he was about leaving the booth, the power supply was back and we saw the light being displayed on the ATM booth’s screen. Then what we noticed was little weird.

What do you expect after your ATM Money transaction gets stucked in between? Let’s say you want to cash out Nrs. 10000. You went to the ATM, entered your pin, select the withdrawl ammount and the lights went off. Now your ATM is stuck and you won’t get it back until the machine is powered on. After the power is on, what happens? Technically speaking, either your ATM should be popped out or it gets stored inside the booth, for bank staffs to take it out and return it back to you. And the software system, what about it? Technically, as per the ACID property in Database Management System for Transactions, if your transaction gets interrupted in between the transaction, you need to restart your operation. So after the machine went off, one should again insert the ATM Card and perform same operations again.

Then what different thing happened yesterday? 

After the light went off and it came back again, Pranish’s transaction was ongoing. He did a FAST CASH Transaction and faced this issue. The ATM was neither taken in the store by the ATM Machine, nor it was out of it. The machine asked to perform the operation again. He tried the same operation again, but same thing happened. Something was wrong. He tried a different ATM Machine but same thing happened. Someone on another Machine was also facing the same issue.

We talked with the Security Guard if there is any issue with the ATM Machines. Than the Guard told us not to do the FAST CASH Withdrawl but instead do the normal cash withdrawl. Isn’t is weird? Shouldn’t the system reset current transaciton, pull out his ATM? 

Later he tried a normal cash withdrawl and got the money out. This incident made us to think about that Transaction property we used to read during our undergraduate course. Hundreds of people visit to these ATM Machines to take their cash out. Suppose we left the Machine and went inside the bank to complain the incident. Within that timeframe, if ATM resumes with the same state where we left and someone sees the dailogue box displaying “ Are you sure, you want to make the transaction?” But someone else enters the ATM booth not you and your money is gone!
Isn’t that something to worry about? The security guards as well as the front desk officers are aware about this issue. let’s expect this incident is being monitored by the concerned authorities. 

In Next Blog, I will write about the second incident about Big Boss’s Entry on the road.

Adios and have a good time.

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