Because Medium didn’t allow me to read for free!

Originally Published on and reblogged in my personal space here.

One of the storage of creativity and innovative digital storage site told I read a lot, so I cannot scroll to new articles these days and recharge my brain. And no way I’m gonna pay for getting information who wrote here because people like us would love to read it.

My team’s sprint grooming is currently ongoing in the meeting hall. Some are busy with their mobile, some chatting in the same laptop screen typing on the same keyboard and giggling. Someone is yawning and showing attention or acting as being attentive. Emma is busy editing a photograph for uploading on Instagram. I can observe twelve individuals busy in different activities. Only the scrum master and two to three concerned individuals are paying attention. I’m being attentive only when we have to size a user story. Else I’m writing random stuff here.

Emma is also a Medium stalker and even she received the same “YOU READ A LOT, WE LIKE THAT” message. Meeting has yet 20 more minutes to end & I wrote few lines is around 8 minutes. And now I’ll switch to Quora or pay attention (for real).

A meaningless, irrelevant draft at medium to pass a boring Grooming meeting. It’s not always grooming but still, I human am a lazy bone.

And one more thing, if medium finds us as their consistent and good reader/follower why wouldn’t it let us read as many as we want to?