Beginning of a New Sprint | “MTech IT, KU 2018”

After completing my Undergraduate Studies in BSc. in Computer Science from Kathmandu I worked for two years at Verscend Technologies. I’m working happily with my fun loving team. July 25th, 2022, I will be 30 which is about 40% of my whole life(say 75 years of lifespan). Two years of work has given me fruitful experiences, opportunities to develop technical skillsets and build a confidence in leading/representing a team. With these skills, Verscend Work Culture and of course the sweet memories with people, I also learned to grasp for iterative increment. Here we work following the Agile Software Development Techniques. Agile is all about iterative increment. We explore, improve and excel our software product here with a collaborative effort of more than three hundred employees. Hence, it’s my call to switch the next iteration of my life( think about yours) towards the academic excellence by joining the Master’s program in Information Technology here at Kathmandu University.

There are bundles of sweet and sour memories spent at KU so I am happy to be back. The Gaido and Cyal Legacy will now continue(Bangue is missed though). Gaido i.e. Birat my khattam friend😂 and I together joined the Master’s Program. So like in the undergraduate, we are gonna be the sincere(😆😆) students! I couldn’t continue all semesters with him because I dropped out and rejoined the University. But yeah, those two years which we couldn’t read together we will continue that as well. Also, we will be doing some projects together. Undergrad’s project “Suchanapati” was a bad memory for all three of us. Those were the best ones too. But this time we will work on projects with our work experience and good skill sets. We will be improving our potential learning from many mistakes which we made during the undergraduate days.

In a couple of weeks, the classes will begin. I along with my manager tried to figure out alternatives to continue my work as well as the studies. But seems like that won’t work parallelly. I’m thankful for his contribution and support Thinking the other way around, working at a 9 hours day job and also committing for full-time Masters Program can hamper both, studies as well as work. In scrum ritual, it’s like asking a developer to complete two development task while his capacity is to complete any one of them. So a decision has to be made and I will choose to commit my full time towards my Graduate Studies. (Hey, this is not my farewell blog okay 😎, that will come only after I’m done with few stuffs. A decision is yet to be made!)

I was asked why KU and not any colleges here at Kathmandu along with your studies? For that, I have a solid reason. Since bachelor’s, I was interested in projects related to Health Domain. After that, I got the Internship opportunity here at Verscend, which itself if a big tech industry that works on the HealthCare data for a US-based company. Within this two years, I have done some level of research on the status of healthcare here in Nepal. The Technological transformation of healthcare has not even started in our country. The government plans are also not that solid which could transform the healthcare sector. So I see business opportunities in this sector. I have identified quite a lot of problem statements that need to be addressed, worked upon and solved with feasible solutions. Hence my graduate studies will not only be limited in academic studies but will equally be focused in doing rigorous research in healthcare domain. Many ideas which I have, I am optimistic to invest my time in doing research works. To do this I will have KU as my one and only space to dwell upon. Here are the concerned faculties working on Health Informatics, School of Medical Science, and also its Teaching Hospital from where I can easily get any sort of necessary data. It would be difficult or not easily accessible by joining other colleges. Also now I realize I won’t be able to give enough time studying elsewhere and also working at the same time.

That is all for now. Soon as the classes begin, I will share more about my plans, problems, research roadmaps and many more. It’s the twenty-eighth day of my daily writing commitment. Wow, this is really happening 😊 and I am happy with the present. I will do my best to continue this journey of writing, learning, and sharing.

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