Best and Worst Things That happened after Telephone Was Introduced.

I was reading Q&As at Quora and this question in the title made me write all these words below:

Best thing ever:

When I was a small schoolboy in grade four, in a small village Kavrebhanjyang, Dhulikhel, Nepal, there was only one Landline ADSL phone. I still remember that number landline number +977 011- 664398. We used to wait till late at night to receive a call from my father who lived abroad. Our complete family, father’s friend, our neighborhood all used to wait in a queue and talk with him for like half to a minute. That used to happen once or twice in a month, sometimes once in two months. But still, my mother used to be relieved knowing that her most important person in life as well. On the other hand, we were happy for we asked gifts we wanted from him and mother would give it to us soon. That was the best thing. A single call for a minute would mend a strong bond of years long and kept us updated of somebody who lived thousands of miles away.

Worst thing ever:

Now, sometimes when I am stressed at work or just don’t feel like riding on a bus for one and half hour long to reach back home, I just call my mother. I call her, tell her a white lie saying I have a meeting which will take some time. So I go to see my cousin brother and hang out with him.

Now we lie almost in every phone calls. Don’t know if we are taking things for granted! Now we simply lie that we are nearer to the destination, while we haven’t even left our home. We make excuses that we have some important work and we don’t attend family/ friends’ celebration events. Previously, in the days of email and post box, there used to be up to date communications with each other. But now, if I don’t feel like talking or if I am in a bad mood, I don’t answer the phone. Later I lie, saying I was in the shower or was busy with some homework.

The worst thing that we build ourselves after using telephone/ mobile phones is this worst habit of lying.

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  1. Such a simple minute observation we have with telephone of those days way back and now. Beautifully articulated.

  2. Emmmmmaaaaaaaa. Thank You 😜 Always find me here after the Dasbidaniya, hai susu 🙂

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