Bholi Dekhi Chhodi Dinchhu by Nayan Raj Panday

This afternoon Birat and I talked about almost every thing 🙂 Yes, sitting on a bench on the back side of Chandeshwori Temple, Banepa we talked Religion, delusion, essence of Science behind the Hinduism, Science, Tsla both of them Nicola Tesla and Elon Musk’s Tesla, Golden Ration, it’s existence in Pyramid of Giza, Tesla’s Number  369, China, Space, cotton seed germinated in Moon, Nepali movies, western influence in Nepali youths, many more. Two talkative friends who knew each other since SLC are now totally unemployed. Also we don’t have our course lectures today. So what else than walking around the alley’s of Banepa and letting our mind talk.(Guffadi na Pariyo 🙂

In between our conversation, I had told him to watch this short movie called Bholi Dekhi Chodi Dinchu. Its A Short Film by Nayan Raj Panday released on year 2017 by Lucent Film. Watch the video first. You will be blown away by the script, screenplay, and the way he acts. And if you can get out of this blown away zone any time sooner, than only read next paragraph. Else rethink about how he acts and the story how deep it hits it’s viewers heart.

Everyone knows that movies such as Loot and Kagbeni changed the stereotypical movie scripts and screenplay. Yes, we cannot deny that. Since that movie entered Nepali MOvie industry in 2012, a new wave is running in Nepal. In last six years we have watched amazing Nepali movie in theaters. Think about this, now the population of citizens watching Nepali Movie is greater than that of Hindi and English Movies. Many good movie, such as TalakJung Vs Tulke, Pashupati Prasad, Chakka Panja, Jhola, Hostel Chhadke got released in theaters. With these we got to see movie artists who have learnt acting from Gurukul. Actors like Dayahang Rai, Nazir Hussain, Khagendra Lamichhane and many of whom I don’t know yet. Now the story writing, cinematography, script and acting all are getting better.

New and young actors are getting chance to appear in the front role. In next ten year the movie industry of Nepal “Kollywood” will be golden. And this short movie, if you watched it is the best example to convince my above’s statement.

Today I was out of topic. This movie clicked my mind and I wrote about it as a part of my daily writing commitment. Today is sixty-fourth day of my daily writing commitment. Please go through them and share your comments. If you like any of my blogs than please share it with your friends. Cheers!