BigPixel China: Billions of Pixels in a Single Picture Panorama.

This news of Gigapixel photographs is trending these days. People are amazed seeing different cities and places of China in a single picture. These pictures have billions of pixels in a single photograph. So the resolution of these pictures is GigaPixels.

These pictures are taken by the Billion Pixel Studio. “Beauty of the World, Recording Details” is their goal.  Record the beauty of the world, replace the narration with vision, and experience the truth with details. The beauty of the world lies in the mountains, lakes, and seas, hidden in rural cities, with macro-sense of courage, and micro-reflection of reality, becoming a historical classic.[1]

This post is a collection of links of all those big pixels below so that you can watch them from a single place. The BigPixel Studio has released 9 such big pictures. Eight of them are of China and one of Thailand.

  1. ♛Shanghai CHINA – billion pixels panorama
  2. ♛Hongkong CHINA – billion pixels panorama
  3. ♛Shanghai Bund CHINA – billion pixels panorama
  4. ♛Phi Phi Islands Thailand – billion pixels panorama
  5. ♛Macao China – billion pixels panorama
  6. ♛TianAnMen CHINA – billion pixels panorama
  7. ♛Shenzhen CHINA – billion pixels panorama
  8. ♛Lhasa CHINA – billion pixels panorama
  9. ♛QingDao CHINA – billion pixels panorama

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