Can Artificial Intelligence Write Novels?

Most of my blog posts will be my answers written at which is kind of obvious because till the date(i.e. September 11,2018) I have answered 91 questions. All of them are of different categories varying from Nepal-India Relations, Nepal, Kathmandu University, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial General Intelligence, etc.

This one was answered back in August in Quora. The question was if Artificial Intelligence Can Write Novels.


And here goes my short and sweet answer:

Let me share a few links and compose a short and sweet answer to your question.

First: The First Song Written By An AI With An AI

Second: This Artificially Intelligent Robot Composes and Performs Its Own Music

Third: This AI nightmare bot spits out a new horror story every hour

Songs are already written, music is also already composed and performed. Even the horror stories are now available which are written by artificially intelligent robots. So for me as an AI Optimist writing novel won’t take a long time.

Four: Wait and watch. Better keep following hackernews & reddit 🙂