Can Machines Overpower Human?

This is the second question that I answered on Quora back in September 2016. The question was not detailly asked so here is the answer:
It depends on how do you define the term overpowering. Having your question less elaborated, I would like to answer both perspectives about overpowering the humans.

No, A Machine Can Never Overpower Humans.

I actually have various doubts about this statement of rejecting with the logic of a machine can never overpower a human. But still here are my reasons to support the logic. If we think in a broad scenario then, it is always a human that starts any machine, as it is a mechanical device made up of nonliving materials to assist human beings. A machine is nothing until we give life to it (life as if Electricity or any other form of energy).

Yes, Machine Has Already Overpowered Humans.

This reason is particularly based on the usage of millions of machines in today’s industry that has increased the risk of human employment. There are automated devices (a.k.a robots) everywhere today, because of which we daily people rely on a machine more than the machine. Machine feel no tiredness and they never get sick, because of which industries buy new machines than hiring a new employee. This could be a reason where we can say, machines has always overpowered humans.