Cyborg and Immortality?

It’s like preserving your body inside a coffin which guarantees your long age. You are on a deep sleep. You are only dreaming and your dreams are actually occurring in a world of binary (actually quantum till 2200A.D.) This is what I imagine immortality could be! This shit which can be seen in movies will be real for real in a few hundred years. Sadly none of us from year 2019 won’t be alive to witness it.

“ल आफ्नै भान्जा पो भेटिए”, Meeting Your Fav During a Solo Travel to Namche.

and my Mama spoke “तिम्लाई भान्जा भान्जा भन्दा, ल आफ्नै भान्जा पो भेटिए” My mama was speaking to this other guy from his crew saying Vanja. But then out of nowhere he finds me and says ” Oh, I was calling you Vanja, Vanja, but now my own Vanja is here”.

6 Years of Letting Twitter play with my mood swings for free! ;)

there are two largely divided groups at twitter. One, where everybody showers constructive and productive criticism about any random topics that one loves. Another, there is this group of entertaining, sarcastic users, who express their feelings in terms of poems, satire or comedy. In the first group you will feel awkward to fit in in the beginning, because you got to have that level of knowledge in the subject you are speaking. Mind it, if you throw some random shit in any topic than this first group will rip your balls out, and you won’t even realize it. Yes there are such group of Nepali twitter users whom I follow and get to read awesome tweets.

Do You Invest in Yourself?

I’m slowly being aware. I am aware about my actions. And slowly I have some realization about the path that I need to move on. The only problem that is blocking me is my mind. Mind and it’s devilish thoughts which keeps me distracting. So the challenges to be fought in upcoming days will be to fight this distraction. I should work on overcoming the devilish thoughts of mind and accept new challenges to commit exciting challenges.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*CK

There are many such highlighted phrases, points that are important to all of us in our life. And definitely, I won’t highlight all of them. During the last pages of this book, he says to Do Something. He writes if we fail then it’s a good sign. Because we are learning something from it. And not that we will succeed in the second time. It’s okay if we fail many times. It’s not okay to repeat the same mistakes we did last time. The ratio of mistakes we do in each attempt should decrease. In the end, success is in our hand. 

MARK MANSON, can be your guru if you are seeking one. And his book can be your sutra of happiness filled with lots of Fuck words just to teach us not to give one!

Something from a Troubled Guy!

Yes, there are few confessions to make with everyone who know me. Because I find my image reflected as a guy who is happy, doing well sound with all situations, funny one. But it is not like that. Life is not normal as everyone dreams of. There are my down parts, my mistakes and my reasons for being behind in many aspects of life. Maybe someday my mind might think, its time to share it among everyone. They should know what are my real stories than always reading my thoughts in the form of blogs. If such feelings will come, with enough courage and a good time than, I will also share it with you.