“लेकका हामी केेेटाकेटी” Children of Himalayas!

After so many days, I got to explore my Google Photos. Time is short. Assignments, Project, Research Paper and what not, this Nomad Traveler is completely out of his adventure zone. Now it’s only a few things that I’m doing. It is either reading Novels and course slides, doing projects, reading research papers or making presentations.

This hectic schedule will be even more intensive in this two years. This traveler’s soul is now thriving to get lost into the wild. And till the first semester ends on April, I can’t even think of trekking. So all I can do now is share my travel memories and keep this zeal of traveling alive.

Descending From Tilicho Lake

We decided to stay at Leddar, Yak Kharka on the day we returned from Tilicho Lake. Actually, I decided I won’t be able to move any further from there. My legs were paining so bad. From 4400M  above the sea level at Tilicho Base Camp we walked up to Tilicho 4919M. Than again we got back to the Base Camp and didn’t take rest.  We walked staraight to Sri Kharka and stayed at a hotel. Next day early in the morning we walked from Srikharka. A very different landscape of magical Manang Valley were energizing us. We were so excited to be in this valley beyond the mountains. But my leg were not so happy to walk above 4000M. Previously the max trek I trailed was of 4200M. Here I was sleeping and walking above 4000 from last two days.

Next day in the afternoon, we reached Leddar at around 3PM. Rest of my team were active and walking in a constant pace. On the other hand, I was walking not less than a tortoise. Whole body was exhausted. To reach Thorang Base Camp  it would take two hours more as per the locals. My team were ready to walk two more hours, but I wasn’t. Therefore we decided to stay there only.

Children of Himalayas

It was cold up there. The water was freezing cold. We could see blocks of ice gathered around the tap. Cold weather, heavy wind and sunlight, up above 4000M nothing were of our choices. We got fresh. kept our backpack in the hotel room. I was out of my hotel room and I was these two kids playing slide over a block of ice. I didn’t even wash my face that afternoon. I was worried if my head starts to pain by cold water on my face. If my head starts to pain than the whole trekking could be ruined. We still had an altitude of 5416 to cross.

While there were these two kids with red cheeks, enjoying their normal afternoon. You can imagine a kid from the Himalaya, right? They were sliding over this ice block sitting on a small wooden plank. Their trousers were catching cold and their hands were touching the ice block quite frequently. They were having total fun. I then remembered this song we used to listen in our school “लेकका हामी केेेटाकेटी”.

People living in the mountains, their life is really hard. We are fortunate to be living in the hills with every resources we need. Yet we complain with the food we get to eat and house we are living. But here people shift from the Himalayas to lower belt every three to four months due to massive cold and snow. They have least resources for growing food and infrastructure for education is not sufficient. But seeing these two children enjoying their time, sliding above the ice, gave a different perspective. I found the hidden happiness among the struggling people of the Himalayas.