Congratulations KU Graduates 2018 (My Friends and Juniors).

First Thought: I thought I will write a few words to congratulate my friends and juniors who graduated today. And after I started counting their names just to remember how many of my loved ones graduated from Kathmandu University today, my fingers were not enough 🙂 So why not dedicate today’s blog in their names.

Second Thought: I bought a Fitness Band from MI, MI3 Band today. I have been using MI2 for more than a year and half. So I thought about writing a short blog about the user experience of using these two bands. But the first thought occupied more happy space  in writing than featuring the reviews of a Fitness band. Band can be featured any other day!

A few weeks before during the Convocation ceremony at the School of Medical Science, I returned home half an hour late due to the traffic. Every year during the graduation day, this double lane Araniko Highway gets small 🙂 Whole day the private vehicles of graduates’ parents makes the road busy. This is true :). The one who has seen the convocation ceremony at KU agrees with me. At the School of Medical Science’s graduation my brother Yuvaraj graduated as a Physiotherapist. Likewise my friends Ram and Kiran are now Dr. Ram and Dr. Kiran. You guys check my phone contacts next time we meet. I’ve changed the prefix from Vet. to Dr. 😂😂😂 A few more friends whom I came to know via social media are also now graduates from KU. So many many congratulations to all of you.

Today my friends, juniors, junior since school, friend’s loved ones, brother from the village, and many others I know are graduated. So congratulations and shout out to all of you. After this years graduation there will be few juniors from my department only whom I know and hangout with.

My friend Yugdiep from Environment Engineering department we joined KU together. Today he completed the Graduate studies and I am about to join the Graduate classes in a few weeks :D. My sweet and happy friend Aakanshya Aaku Pyari did graduate today and I am so happy for her success. My sister Sohpiys a junior from Kabhre School and also my good friend Santosh (JK’s) sister graduated today. Anuhsilan completed her graduate studies today. Congratulations Anu. Pragya friend of Sophiya also honored her graduation cap to her grandfather, which was sweet. I’m sure she is equally happy for today and worried about her future. Sister takes a lot of tension while brother is a cool guy. Two of my mayalu sisters Rahisa and Indira are now BBIS graduates. Indira is also my junior from School. This Wednesday I met her on a bus while returning home and she was doing a job at Kathmandu. Rahise Luri, how happy would she be reading this blog that I wrote for sharing happiness in her graduation day. Now here comes the Gang of Thugs from Pharmacy. Lol, Sadikshya, Sajina Yam Kumari 😆, Shrije Pathak, and all members of the Gang of Thugs also graduated today. Stuti(ramri manche) sister of Naramri runchi manche Shradha Basne did graduate today as a BBA student from KUSOM. So congrtulation to you Bro!

There are a lot of Names to remember from my department, Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Subham (bame!), Prashant( SUDO), Rishi(Gaute), Prastab(Vai first and then Hey AIESEC), Aadarsha( Sadan vai and Gaule daju bhai), Selfie Queen, Ankit, the Photography Coordinator 😀 , Rupesh G, Prativa Sano Manche,   Rishika(Gautam ko chiya toli). Dongol( The Sajilo Recharge App developer 😉 ), Sumikshya our Lady President of KUCC, Khem Bhai (lostinsidenepal) Wait did I miss anyone? 
I remember few more names but I didn’t see their pictures. They might or might not have attended the graduation ceremony. Like I had my issues and didn’t attend the convocation, some of them might be having their personal issues. But let’s hope they are doing good and all of them attended the convocation. 

Sorry for I might have missed names of those friends and juniors whom I know. And congratulation to everyone who graduated today. I fell happy to capture your day of accomplishment in my personal space! Good luck for the upcoming days. Embrace Yourself to face the reality!

Twenty-ninth day of my daily writing commitment!Wow, this is really happening 😊

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