Human brain is a box full of mystery. You never know what new idea may explode at your course of time . And what if that your idea turned out to be so intelligent that can often act and react like human. I am quiet sure reading these line one thing struck on your mind “robot”. Robot is a machine built to carry out some complex task or group of tasks which are programmed. It is one of that example of hard work and dedication of computer scientist since that era of time. And the concept of AI has brought their dream come true. Artificial intelligence has been arguably the most exciting field for robotics. Though its certainly the most controversial that a robot can work in an assembly line . But there’s no consensus on whether a robot can ever be that intelligent as that of human brain. Indeed its an challenge for AI world that a man made machine with intellectual abilities as like ours. 

Today I am going to share a creepy robot that’s fascinating today’s world “COZMO”. Cozmo is an artificially intelligent toy truck which also shows the scope and future of AI and robotics. It is an artificially intelligent toy robot unveiled by San Francisco startup Anki- and Tappeiner. Cozmo is software driven that can be connected from device to device through Bluetooth. There’s no data in the cloud so Cozmo is secure. It comes with three interactive power cubes, which the robot can recognize and with that you can play a game such as quick tap, keep away or just free play. Cozmo is born to be playful; it is charming, mischievous, and unpredictable. It recognizes and remembers you, interacts with you, plays games and gets to know you over time. It combines the best of animation – humor, personality, and emotional connection with robots.

Powered by advanced robotics, AI, and computer vision it has a brain that processes millions of data per second . It uses technologies such as computer vision, animatronics, motors and AI software. It has three ARM – based microprocessors running on android and iOS. 

Cozmo’s eyes changes color from blue to green when its mood changes. It can yawn, sneeze violently or shiver. The final design is made from 340 parts and it has four motors, a camera and a OLED display. When Cozmo is put on a charger, it goes to sleep and snores.

In this challenging world for AI this robot which can wake up, blink its eye, crawls has given life to the concept of John McCarthy. 

Refrence: venturebeat