Cyborg and Immortality?

What if your mind’s neural schematic and your thoughts are uploaded to the cloud? What if the day comes when every parts of a human body is a combination of organic and biomechatronic body parts. Think about it and try to answer the question “Cyborg and Immortality?”

Evolution in the field of computer science, biotechnology and nanotechnology as observed from last fifty years are commendable. There are advancement in medical sciences. Developing different medicine and cure are identified from research of bio organisms. Nanotechnologies, which get inside your body live there and act as antibodies are now used commercially worldwide for treatments.

What is Cyborg?

A being with both organic and biomechatronic body parts is known as a cybernetic organism, or a Cyborg. Aronld’s character in the movie Terminator, Bucky in Avenger, Iron Man are some fictional characters that exactly define a cyborg.


People are using fitness bands by choice to measure their fitness activities. I do wear a MI Band 3. But not everyone can get choosy, sometimes you are bound to wear objects in your body which are prepared in a lab. Prosthetic arms & legs, pacemakers, hearing machines are such examples. With advancement in technology and extensive research in biology, science is now creating intelligent devices. The traditional prosthetic arms, limbs and hearing machine are now intelligent. They are robotic and learn on their own. In the other hand rigorous research are being carried in the field of BioMechatronic where scientists are working on analyzing human motions, studying nervous system and interjection of electronic machines and using muscle tissues as actuators for electronic devices.

Computer Science

The intelligence in every machines that we are getting these days are built in the factory of computer science and engineering. 🙂 Your mobile is intelligent, your home is smart, your sensors are ubiquitous, your data are available everywhere and you can use as many data as you need. To most of our needs there are dozens of technology involved to assist us. Application of Computer Science such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data & Cloud Computing enables us to augment a system in internet.

Scientists have observed the phenomenon of Human Brain and mapped the working mechanism in Computer Science. A vast field of study which we know as Neural Network in Machine Learning is build which develops magical results.

Cyborg and Immortality

Science hasn’t yet discovered the factor that increases the life span of organisms. So we humans will live till our heart beats. As the heart stops beating we are just a artistic meatball.

With increase in use of embedded system inside our body that are organic as well as biomechatronic, science is experimenting with more of such technologies. Now it is being used for medical treatment. Researchers are also trying to use such technologies as means of our daily use. The size of computer decreased from huge room sized to a palm. These are the commercial ones, but nanotechnology along with robotics and machine learning has enabled development of advanced cyborgs.

Just Imagine

Just imagine you decide to become a cyborg. With advancement in technology you adapt every possible solutions that could enhance your lifespan. Now that being a cyborg your body will function properly and technology enables the storage of your thoughts in cloud. Imagine what your mind is thinking right now is stored instantly on cloud in your neural schema.

Than will you choose to leave your body and live with your thoughts in a cloud which is now your augmented reality?

Lastly One Weird Thought

The whole world will mostly rely on Augmented Reality till 2100 or say in next two-three hundred years. Than the only working part of your body will be your brain. Thinking becomes working and your whole real world will be fetch inside some augmented world. Rest of the body becomes useless. But still you need to maintain that. For which you choose nanotech and biomechatronic solutions. Everything else is online, in your home which is your cloud bubble.

It’s like preserving your body inside a coffin which guarantees your long age. You are on a deep sleep. You are only dreaming and your dreams are actually occurring in a world of binary (actually quantum till 2200A.D.) This is what I imagine immortality could be! This shit which can be seen in movies will be real for real in a few hundred years. Sadly none of us from year 2019 won’t be alive to witness it.