Beginning of Digital Detox Part 1!

I heard this term “Digital Detox“, a few years back. May be it was around 2014, I deactivated my Facebook account for almost a year. I was not going to use it any more. My President of KUCC Mr.Bob said that do use it during IT MEET. There was our closed facebook group for organizing committee. I was Vice-President back then. Even after that there are particular time which I can remember using facebook. I was completely out of the facebook zone and it was too healthy. Next time I used facebook was to promote Software Freedom Day, then inviting all Open Source Communities of Nepal in next year’s IT MEET, than my current profile picture which I changed last year when Thupri departed from TIA to Aussie land. Now I use it every day just for a single purpose i.e. sharing my daily blogs. I also use facebook to moderate the Kathmandu University Closed Facebook Group. I check the join request and add the KU Guys, while remove the request of the rest.

See that’s how short my facebook usage dimensions are. Nothing at all 🙂

Digital Detox

a period of time during which a person refrains from using electronic devices such as smartphones or computers, regarded as an opportunity to reduce stress or focus on social interaction in the physical world.

Digital Detox Part I: Instagram @travelingnepal

It’s been a week that I am applying this digital detox to my Instagram Usage. This scrolling of pictures has become kind of addiction and is killing my brain. First it feels like my days are ending in such a useless way. Second, if I remember how I spend my time all day, it’s there Instagram stalking. Not only the photo scrolling, but also checking to the stories and responding to the stories. I found out that people are more active in checking stories than scrolling posts. And I am one of them. Since the stories are automatically loaded, I keep on viewing them for so long.

That’s It. No more stalking, scrolling, responding sharing and posting. Wait, wait wait, not that I’m not using Instagram. I will use it because all of my travel posts I had collected from my Nepal Visits are here only. But I am limiting it’s usage. So here it is.

Beginning of Digital Detox Part I: 1 Hour a Day on Instagram.

All it requires to post a photo is about two minutes. But after sharing the post I am frequently checking notifications, likes, comments, follow and stories. This will take me nowhere but pollute my mind. I will try to limit the use even lesser in upcoming days.

I will adapt this detox for a month, try to reduce the usage time. I will also identify what is the exact time it takes to post pictures and respond to the comments and DMs.

Digital Detox Part II?

I shouldn’t monitor my usage at Facebook, because all I do there is share these daily blogs. Next is twitter. Twitter is Love and you can’t detox your love right? 😉 Next is Youtube, which I do use enough and I need to find a way out to limit it’s usage. I’ll figure it out!

This is the ninety first blog I came up with so far. The excitement is getting higher for I am about to make it a hundred blog posts in nine days. This commitment of writing something daily is adding enthusiasm in my life. Kudos to the positivity!