Do You Quora? Just Reached 100K Answer Views :)

I checked my notification today and saw that my answers views has reached 100000. I was surprised seeing this:

Quora journey has actually started many years back. I started reading answers in quora during my undergraduate. While searching for answers on google most of the time there used to be this answer link of Like google fetches most of the information from Wikipedia, I had noticed quora in the search list. That is how I started reading/browsing the site directly.

In the very beginning, it used to be only reading answers. I never thought I would be answering s questions here. But the answers here was very amazing/constructive/motivating and realistic. That is what attracted me in reading quora frequently.

There were not much friends using quora. Even though there were some they used to read only like me :). But than I saw two of my friends Birat and Aayush’s answer on Quora and they had good answer views. This motivated me and finally the journey of Q&A started in May, 2016 when I answered my first question.

What is better computer engineering or computer science? Why? What is difference in computer engineering and computer science?

After after that I’ve not stopped answering 🙂 Today I have answered 99 questions of different categories that I find interesting.

Quora, Medium, Reddit, Hackernews, Wikipedia, Mashable are such information resources which I never get tired of exploring. Some people are so fond of Youtube and other videos sharing platforms, some love strolling day long on social media site. But at Quora it’s is a separate passion. When I go through the answers, it takes to a different zone where you feel like being there and experiencing it. You get to experience the whole world, their culture and traditions, unseen/unheard facts, accomplishment and failure stories, travel tips, career advice by reading.

I started answering questions about Nepal, India-Nepal relationship, foreign relationship with Nepal and all. Doing this, some of the active Quora readers started knowing me. So when the Quora Community Nepal initiated it’s first meetup at Taragaun Museum, near Bouddha, Nepal, there were people representing their answers. We would recognize them by their named or popular questions. Some wrote beautiful poetry, some were pro political critiques, some were entrepreneurs and marketing experts. It created a space where young people would talk about promoting Nepal’s digital presence via Quora.

 At one time I used to answer questions about Artificial Intelligence and Artificial General Intelligence which is my favorite field of interest. While reading and answering those questions I got to explore more about AI. Than again love for Quora increased because there is almost every answer you are looking for.

Another interesting part was that the experts in different fields were answering questions based upon their experience. Here at Quora if you want some answer about a software company, than you will be surprised after getting the answer from some officials/employees of that very company. If you want to know about some place than user from that place will be answering your question. People take answers and do Q&A sessions frequently.

It is so surprising that people do all these for free. In this busy world where everyone is running for earning/defeating there is this huge space where millions of people are contributing for free 🙂

Compared to many such enthusiasts my answer views doesn’t make any impact but yes I personally am motivated with this answer views and excited to write more in days to come. Because Knowledge Should be Free and Learning is Sharing 

PS: It’s the second article that I’m writing as a part of my “Let’s write something everyday commitment”. It’s is a challenging commitment I’ve taken for myself, so let’s keep the energy flowing and keep on writing

Thank You and Namaste.