Done with My Google Podcast Setup.

It took me less than an hour to set up my first Google Podcast and I am going to share how I did it. Before that, I would like to thank for highlighting the steps and one of my Follower on Instagram. I actually forgot his name and mistakenly deleted conversation where he had shared me his blog. After I knew that he helped the CASTMANDU team technically, I requested him to write a blog. He actually did write it but I missed to save the link.

Before going forward to the setup here are the following technical requirements you should have:

  1. Your domain. (Be it a personal website or a technical blog or anything else)
  2. Your Podcast Hosted under your domain kept separately in an Url:
  3. Generate an RSS Feed of the podcast

With a domain name, your podcast contents and the RSS feed generated you are all set with getting a link for your podcast.

I have my site hosted in WordPress and the podcast is generated by Seriously Simple Podcast 

  • After installing the plugin WordPress will create a new page ‘podcast’ hosted under your main domain. This will complete your requirement number 1.
  • Then you need to create your podcast episodes from the Podcast menu on your admin panel.
    While creating podcasts feel all the necessary information there. This will help in displaying enough information about your blog. So this will fulfill your requirement no. 2 and display podcasts under the main domain/podcast page
  • Now In my case, Seriously Simple Podcast provides RSS Feed which can be obtained from it’s setting.
    For my podcast InfiniteCast the feed Url is
    This completes the third requirement

Next thing you have you have to do is wait for the Google to index your podcast page, and Google Podcast to index your RSS.
To get it indexed you need to clearly mention the RSS link in your main page. The best option could be to add a href link somewhere in your menubar and link it to your RSS Feed. This will let the Google Crawlers, Spiders and bots to crawl your page. This will take a couple of days. It took about 5 days for Google to index my podcast page and the podcast link was generated in next two days.

After the page is indexed, go the Google Podcast Link Generator Site and check whether your Podcast RSS Feed is indexed.

Once the link is generated you will get a feed url which can be natively explored in any android device. My Podcast’s Url is: