Dreams, I have a Few, I had too Many!

I chose to write about  “Dream” yesterday night. The day was rough and boring at the time so no chances of having a wonderful mood to think about dreams and imaginations. But after a wonderful and constructive communication with a friend at work during the afternoon lunch, I got my brain finally running 🙂

So the music is on. I’m playing it loud “Shine On You Crazy Diamond by The Pink Floyd”. So here it goes:

Himal Gurung’s article about Dream is a short and sweet memory trigger. Going through his article felt like reading my own words is someone else’s blog. Years back in school time, our dreams used to be a rich, prestigious, famous and powerful man. Everybody would think the same. All wanted to have a prestigious as well as well paid profession. If you ask a school child, what s/he want to be in the future than the answer would be either doctor, engineer, pilot, and businessman. Those dreams were not taught in the textbooks that we should have these kinds of careers in the future. But all we knew as a child were those shortlisted professions which were prestigious and would make us rich.

When we had dreams of being rich and successful we had no idea about the struggle that every one of us should go through to achieve them. Time gave us the liberty of thinking like a wildfire and believing we could achieve it. Time again shows us the paths full of thrones that pinches fucking hard while running for those heavenly dreams, those paths of success. Time pushes us down in many such potholes full with mud and stones that gives us scars.

Time gives us scars that take a long time to heal. Now, the wildfire gets little smokey, rains of different seasons, rains of shiny autumns, rains of cold winters sprinkles upon those wildfires. Situations get upside down and we get more concentrated on the scars rather than dreams. Unknown about anything, many of us go on a wrong track. Time goes by trying to figure it out realizing the dreams that I am dreaming, the path that I am crawling just got fucked up. Many get a small hint, an instinct that my dreams are still possible to achieve and that the wildfire is no way gonna settle. Some are lost between the conflict of choices, who neither had dreams nor are sure about which path to choose. They and their dreams are always washed away. Like a river pushes small pebbles to a long way, some in middle of the journey, we and our unknown dreams get pushed in some unknown depth of insanity.

Still, unaware about our dreams we believe a little knowledge or skill we have is what we are good at. Then there is born a poet, a boxer, a guitarist, and many more in the community. Some perceive it as a bridge that wears our low feelings, which supports in controlling emotions that can be a threat in achieving our dreams. Some finally gain some more wisdom. With a realization that dreams are vague and this thing that we are good at is going to the “the dream”.

Living with pain, grief, and hurdles a realization arises. A feeling which speaks time has grown so fast. Time has grown young at a fast pace. We are unaware if still dreaming is allowed. The wildfire is now seized. Thinking out loud we sit in a corner of a room trying to figure it out what had gone and what remains. Than time speaks from some corner of our mind. It tells that I am no longer on your side and your dreams have left you alone a long way back. With this turmoil going within and having to face different situations daily we start building habits. Some procrastinate, some get depressed, some start building different habits. Some binge, some smoke and drink, and again they procrastinate that these habits are so cool. Poor lost and disturbed souls!

Dreams till this phase takes different turns. Old ones are torn apart unknowingly on our own. So we are a dreamer, right? And there is a saying “Better Late Than Too Late”. So acting cool we now realize being happy is important over being rich, being satisfied is important over being successful. Then with all these hammering and mending of our dreams, we finally come to a point where we are sharp and focused in a single dream “Being HAPPY”. Now the turmoils start to be silent, problems start being excitement and life becomes a journey and that disturbed mind within us becomes a traveler.

Among thousands of such travelers, I am one and I am somewhere in between chasing my dreams!

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