Get All Your Emails in Your Slack Channel With MailClark.

We Graduate students of Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Kathmandu University use slack as our informal discussion forum. Our Department has a google group where all the faculties as well as we students are added. All assignments and formal announcements are shared by the faculties in that Google Group. So checking the email in one app and discussing about that topic in slack is kind of boring. Tomorrow if we start a project in Github, than we need to use other third party apps to keep track of the project.

Aren’t there any tricks which could provide all those notifications and updates in a single platform?

Yes, Slack has such features. You can integrate many third party applications and get alerts in a single place. You can integrate Google Drive, Hangout Calls, Trello, GitHub, Google Calender, Dropbox, Twitter, RSS, Bitbucket, Zoom and dozens of other applications.

How to Integrate Google Emails in Slack?

Today I’m going to share how to integrate your emails that you get in your Google Group in Slack. We will be using Mailclark for this integration. There are different third party applications only to integrate emails in slack. Since, I am using Mailclark, I am going to share about how to use it.

The process is simple and you don’t require any geeky knowledge to do it. It’s like reading the manual and installing a software.

  • First go to and login with Slack
  • Allow access to Mailclark in your Slack workspace.
  • Select a channel where you want to get the emails.
  • Then add the google group’s name.
  • A user will be created. This user is a bot which will be automatically added as new user in your Slack Workspace.
  • Copy that username and add it to your Google Group Member.
  • That’s it. After adding that username to Google Group, next time any emails posted in google group will be received in your Slack channel.

It is an easy process. Likewise you can integrate normal Gmail, Facebook, twitter and other emails with MailClark. After configuring the email, from slack you can monitor whether you want to enable both way email exchange or not.

GitHub Integration

We are doing a group project as a part of our Software Engineering Course. So we decided to use GitHub as our version control management. Slack enables this feature to integrate GitHub in slack channel, subscribe to a repository and keep track of any commit, pull request and issues created in that channel.

We are already using this. Soon I will be writing about it in my daily blog. This is sixtieth blog as a part of my daily writing commitment. My daily blogs are a collection of random topics, politics, education, abstract thoughts, technical how to and tweaks. Please go through them and provide your valuable comments.