Gadgets Review: Fitness Band MI Band 2 & 3, User Experience.

Thirty-first day of my daily writing commitment and I feel so rich, rich with thousands of words I wrote in last one month every single day. Today the category that I’m going to write about is different. Today I’m going to share my review and user experience of Fitness Band from MI which I have been wearing for nearly two years. 

I walked more than a thousand kilometers with MI2. My senior brother Yuvraj Rimal, Sunil Shrestha and I bought three bands from India. It cost us $35 each. It was the first smart gadget I used as a fitness tracker. Before MI Band I installed Google Fit and it would track distance I traveled based upon the GPS navigation. It was not that accurate back then. After MI Band 2 we used to take some time after our daily lunch hour at 12:00 PM and used to walk around Durbarmarg, Kamladi, Kamalpokhari & Naxal area. Sunil didn’t walk much but in a few months, he flew straight to Canada and is settled down there :). But Yuvraj and I had our daily milestones to make. In average we used to walk 8000 steps daily. And guess the streaks that we made? I made a daily streak of 50+ days and after that Yuvraj was so committed and he nearly crossed 75+ days of a daily streak. Both of our’s longest streak was discontinued due to the rain. Also one day at Baneshwor the place where I lived on a rent, I slept all day due to fever and the streak got discontinued. 

Writing about the user experience I am a satisfied MI Band 2 user. The Band looks fit in my wrist. As I lift my wrist I see the time displayed on this small screen. As there is only one touch panel in MI2, you don’t need to learn to use it. I guess listing the points I find good and unsatisfactory would be good for readers to go through the blog than going through the paragraph.

  •  The black and white interface is simply perfect. Colors are distracting. Black and white are perfect and the simplistic color.
  • The pedometer is so precise that after some time you wear MI Band, it will neglect the steps that you made within your room. And that makes sense right? walking from your room to your bathroom is not a fitness kind of thing 🙂
  • The heartbeat sensor i.e. sensor that measures your heart rate based on the pulse on our wrist is also precise. The pulse is not accurate mostly when you are in a rush. You need to be at rest to measure the pulse. But if you are moving your wrist than it will not show the result.
  • The activity tracker is precise and you can track almost every activity like, walking, running, sleeping, playing pong, bicycling, etc. 
  • During the activity tracking, it navigates the map, measures the distance, altitude, our heartbeat and shows in a graph on your mobile application.
  • You can log your height and weight and it will let you know if you are overweight.
  • With the milestone of daily steps, it will display a daily steak that you made. This motivates us to walk daily.
  • Your sleep pattern is tracked. It displays the hour when we had a light sleep and a  deep sleep.
  • You can set alarms, do not disturb mode, notification alerts for calls, messages and social media notifications.
  • You can add friends to your band and then see how much they walked daily.
  • The battery backup is amazing. You can wear it for at least 22 days after you charge it once during your light activities. If you enable all notifications, anytime activity trackings and use all features, it will give you 10-15 days of charge.
  • So much features just for $35, isn’t it worth it? Fitbit most popular band these days costs you more than a $100 and it fails to provide you such a long battery backup.

Yesterday, I bought MI Band 3 and compared with Band 2, this is way cooler. The design is improved and it looks good and prettier. MI2 has few drawbacks, they are:

  • The steps you walk are synced not instantly in the Band. It took some time to display the updated steps. While MI Band 3 is smooth and syncs your steps in your screen live. As you walk you can see the numbers increasing at your band only.
  • It was easy to unpair Band 2 and sync band 3 in the mobile application. When I switched to my second MI Band 2, I lose all of my data and had to start recording from step 0. That was so disturbing. And at one time the daily streak data didn’t sync and the streak since 14 days got discontinued.

Now with MI Band 3 in similar cost you can do following things:

  • Now there are more areas to touch in your band. Not only the central button but now you can swipe your screen to left, right, top and bottom. With that, you can switch to another feature.
  • Set timer on your band.
  • Turn your phone mode to silent or loud from your band only.
  • You can hang up your phone call without taking out your phone from your pocket.
  • You can find your phone from your band. So every morning you can buzz your phone
  • You can see your band’s ID from the display only.
  • The heart rate measurement is precise. That’s my experience so far.
  • You can now see the weather information in your band. The location is automatically tagged from the GPS and you can see the weather of three days, today, tomorrow and day after tomorrow
  • Now there is a feature to track the steps you run on your treadmill. You don’t need to open your app and sunc the treadmill activity. Because you don’t use phone much during the gym workout, do you?

That was all I could come up with about MI Band 2 and Band 3. Band 3 is super cool compared to the previous one. And we expect even more features next year in MI Band 4. But the power backup and price should not be compromised at all. These two features are the ones due to which we buy MI than those expensive smartwatches and fitness bands.

Thirty-first day of my daily blog writing commitment is achieved. Again so much happier. Find more of my daily blogs here listed in my first blog post: Let’s write something everyday  

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  1. Wow, this is so cool. The data import/export can be really useful. Other than that, MI3 already has many features within the MI BAND app itself.
    Amit, I’m happy to see your comment on my blog, Thank You 🙂

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