Google offers its service under two different domains and

Just today, I came to know that Google offers its service under two different domains and And I thought of doing little digging on what actually is this?  As is most common among us and most users, for people from some countries was the only option to use Google’s email service.

When we sign up for Gmail account we get the email address in the format which we see most often around the web. Users in Germany and the United Kingdom have got by default unless they registered an account before June 2005 and October 2005 as they were allowed to keep the address in this case.

Later on, users from the United Kingdom have seen change as Google announced to phase out address. New registrations from the UK also got a email address while old users have the choice to convert their address to Only users from Germany were left with email address.

Lately, Google managed to obtain the rights to use Gmail in Germany in 2012. June 2012 onward, all new users from Germany also get’s email address.

Is Google Mail and Gmail same thing?

Yes, it’s same thing but you can only have one Google email address, but e-mail’s sent to any of the address ( or will be delivered to you. You can also set up a custom from which address you want to send mail.

Are Gmail and Googlemail interchangable?

Yes, the two Google mail domains are interchangeable. Mails sent to will reach users and vice verse.

How to make to or vice versa?

Firstly you nee to have a Google account it may be or When you login to your Google account then follow the following steps.

  • On the left most corner of the screen click on setting menu (gear icon)
  • Under setting choose Account and Import section and in that section there is an option Send mail as or
  • Click on add another email and when the new window appears to enter the new domain you wish to or and click Next Step button. 
  • Finally, Set which email address you want to set as your default email address.