Manage Your Google Activity Control. Location History, Voice and Audio Activity.

On my previous blog I wrote about monitoring the third party applications access with gmail account. There we could remove applications which are no longer used but still have access to your google account.

How to Remove Third-party Apps That Access your Gmail Account?

Did You Know?

Today’s blog will be about managing Google Activities. Talking about Google Activities, did you know what activities that we do via our phone, mobile applications, and chrome browser? See this:

Google keeps log of above-mentioned activities. Your Web and App Activity i.e your browser history. Every website that you visit is recorded by Google by their cookies. Your Location history, Voice and Audio Activity are tracked by Google. Any words you spoke with Google Assistant saying “Ok Google” are recorded. Your Device Information, YouTube Search and Watch history almost everything you do Google knows. But you can stop this and moderate your activities.

How To Do That?

It’s easy like that of yesterday’s blog. These activities are also monitored from Google Account Settings. Therefore follow the steps below with me to get to this Activity Control Settings:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the top right corner where your account profile thumbnail is displayed. Click Google Account
  3. On your left panel click Data and Personalization Menu.
  4. There you can find the Activity Controls Menu which is exactly the same as the screenshot I have attached above. Make necessary settings on and off based upon your privacy concern.

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