Will Google Expand its Business Point In Nepal, Any Time Sooner?

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This is the actual question asked at Quora.com:

Is there any possibility that Google will set up their office in Nepal?

And this was my answer. Please provide your valuable feedback.

Just a quick reasoning to show that there is least possibility of Google Business Office here in Nepal( or let’s say zero possibility for at least 10 years):

I did a quick comparison between the Youtube Search Usage between a country Nepal and a city of United States New York. The blue colored index is of Nepal and the red one is of New York City. It a comparison of the last five years. And see here what insight does this give you?

Therein this trends comparing site, we can compare the news search, web search, & Youtube search. And in all comparison, the margin of Nepal is always somewhere at the bottom.


Besides that, We don’t have a sophisticated payment gateway system. This, for now, is the main hurdle for us to buy services online. Google is providing cloud services, email services, and dozens of services but we canโ€™t buy anything from Nepal due to this payment gateway issue.

Each product of Google we are using are the only items that are provided by Google for free. So millions of Android devices, applications integrated within those mobile and smartphones only wonโ€™t convince Google to launch their business hub here in Nepal.

On top of that Google Has its business center in India. If Google had seen any opportunities for establishing a business here programs would already be launched from India. But as a matter of fact, our country is kept in such a least priority that Google Business Point at Singapore looks after Nepal and other least developed countries.

Currently, there are Google Developers Groups, not even a handful and they organize events here at Nepal. The community base of GDG is also not that large.

But we are not neglected as well. The Nepali Language is one out of 70 languages that Google focuses to integrate into all of its possible application and solutions.

So I said maybe in ten, twenty years country might make digital revolution making our isles, nukes and corners digital, small business digital, transportation system integrated with smart technologies, payment digital, services delivery digital. And if that happens or say it creates a loud noise, big enough to attract the international market than not only Google but all tech giants, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon will have a business center here.


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