Tootle Ban | Government What’s Wrong With You? #ISupportTootle

In the first hand, your old rotten mind can’t do any innovative projects which could benefit the citizens. Neither you have any idea what people truly need. If only the government had done their duty well, we could be way above the poverty line and generate revenue. You can’t control and collect the tax as well as vat properly. You can’t implement our five years, ten years development plans. You didn’t even cover a ditch at Kathmandu valley last year during the rainy season. That nearly caused life of an innocent school girl. You failed to punish the rapist, you failed to catch the real Gold Digger😆 (33KGs)!

Since last 10 years, the IT Companies of Nepal are grooming like mushrooms. The country is shaping a new map of change. The educational institutions are producing qualified graduates in different fields of science, commerce, and engineering. Tech startups and other established software companies are providing job placement to those smart brain. And there are directly contributing in the economy of Nepal. Working for two years at Verscend, I have my PAN registered and I have records of Tax I paid to the government.

There are hundreds of thousands of Nepali youth working in our own motherland. Out of them every year dozens of startups are establishing their business to provide technology as a service. These service providers are benefiting citizens and are paying tax to the government. The ecosystem is growing and IT sector is also becoming a big factor in generating revenue.

With Traffic Police’s Ban on Tootle for providing paid bike rides, every youth, tech entrepreneurs, service users are disappointed. The government did a wrong thing with this ban. Instead of appreciating the idea of youths this ban, why my dear government? The issue is that the tootle partners are not paying tax to the government. They do earn quite a noticeable amount with the tootle platform. And they don’t pay back. But the company Tootle, it definitely pays its tax, vat whatever is required to. So the government officers are ordering the service, then making a fine of NRs. 1000 to those riders. Why being an ass?

I see two points here:

  • Yes, Tootle partners are not paying tax. They should pay the tax back to the government. BUT! But the first thing, does government has any regulation that defines what percentage of tax should such business service providers need to pay? This is a completely new service launched in Nepal which didn’t exist before. So the rule and regulations might not already be available. So why don’t the government start working on making, mending, implementing rules & regulations? Ban is not a permanent solution. The world is evolving, even rules should!
  • I want to know ” Are all drivers, conductors, staffs at the ticket counters, of public vehicles of our country paying taxes to the government?
    To my knowledge, they aren’t. Their service is registered under a PAN. The number of vehicles is registered. On the government side, that is all the information they provide. They claim insurance of vehicles if the bus faces any accident. Those drivers have their own unions for other claims and facilities.

Correct me if I’m wrong in above two points. Those are solely my opinions. But a company which empowers over 12,000 service providing youth, and has already provided services to over 7,00,000 individuals shouldn’t be banned. The rules should be made comfortable but the business should keep on growing. 

My Dear Government, I wish the sun shines as early as possible on your pothead!

Fifty-sixth day of my daily writing commitment ended writing something bad. Let’s hope in this continuous journey of writing daily, the government will do good to tech startups, entrepreneurs, initiate new and giant plans of shaping the map of the development of Nepal.