Held You Head High With a Bright Smile!

I just started reading this Fcuking awesome book “The Subtle Art of Not Giving Fu*k”. I’ve not even completed it’s first 20 pages and I read the word FUCK about 20 times already :D. And it has become one reason why I already like it. Also, the author Mark Manson speaks about how giving a fuck about every single thing in life is useless and at also not giving a damn to important things in life is being fucked. The author clearly describes the feedback loop that human create themselves and how we are doomed in that logical turmoil in between.

I’m loving this book. It expresses my thoughts, some kind of Feedback Loop that I am a victim of, some kind of thoughts which I carry and give a fuck about in my daily life. And I expect it will be an amazing read this November. In a section, the author says, being sad thinking that one day we are gonna die or someone you love, your parents, friends, family will die is not worth it. Thinking about anything, worrying about things less important to us at present is useless. And not giving a fuck about things that could mend our future is also bad and it will kick our ass back. The author makes us realize how our thoughts are, how do we think. And he also describes thinking such things time and again, worrying, taking unnecessary stress thinking a meaningless thing is being trapped in a feedback loop.

Reading this I realized. yes think good or think bad, think less or think more, take stress or live a lavish carefree life, it’s all up to us. And none of these things will take us anywhere. Lessons that we have learned and wisdom that we have to build lead our future.

So for me, I realized only this thing is important and I need to carry it during my high and low tides:

Held You Head High With a Bright Smile!

Your state of mind is with yourself. Your happiness can be someone’s jealousy and your stress won’t be understood by anybody. So all you need to do throughout your life is to Held your head high with a bright smile.

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