Here a Small Fact, “YOU ARE GOING TO DIE”- The Book Thief

Earlier on my Twitter Anniversary Blog, I wrote Facebook being a bitch 🙂 But Not always, there are two reasons for me always hanging around my Facebook Profile. First one is to check my photo albums that I’ve made since 2011. They are priceless, so Facebook will have my login instances every now and then. Next reason is to only share my daily blogs. Today it’s eightieth day of my daily blog writing commitment. And maybe for sixty day’s I have checked in to Facebook. Besides these reason, I don’t have any reasons. And Being Social in Facebook a myth. It’s full of spam and spammers. Somehow I am also spamming with my daily blogs.

A notification popped on Facebook, A memory four years back where I posted the front cover of Novel “The Book Thief”. This book is the best one among all others which I have read. It will fit in the list of my “Best Books Read Ever!”. Best thing about this book it that the story in this book is narrated by Death. Yes, you are right, death narrates the movie. This is the most intriguing part of this book. I’ve never read anything about the death or say narrated from the death’s perspective. I got inspired to read this book by watching the movie with same name. There Death begins the movie saying “I’m Death…

In this blog I’m going to write about the message the novel tries to deliver. Or just the other way around, sharing message I learnt reading this book.

The one and only takeaway from this thick novel can be this “HERE A SMALL FACT
You are going to die”. This message is as deep as you begin to think out loud. Not many books, songs or movies emphasize this death factor. It is either a small fraction and skipped as fast as possible. But the Novel “The Book Thief” talks about it loud. Book is narrated by death and the small stories in the plot are also related to death. In the Soviet Era of World war, people were living under dungeons hiding from bombs that were showering from sky like snow balls. Under that cloud of terror, lived a little Girl, Liesel who observes death in a close encounter when her brother dies in the train. Later she again encounters the dark role of death when takes her young love bird Rudy with him. In a situation of tremor and sorrow, the book justifies every characters, their roles and death. I recommend every book lovers to read this once or first watch the movie. Movie totally justifies the novel and I felt more pain while watching the movie than reading book. Let’s think about the death Factor

Let’s Talk About This Death Factor

Death is a fact we can’t ignore. Yes we barely talk about it if we hear the news of anybody’s demise. But ever thought about death is approaching near. Everyone of us celebrate happy birthdays and new years but man, I doubt if they are even aware about this fact. Yes birthday is special and we should be cheerful on this auspicious day.

Remember, with the end of every warm spring life approaches nearer to the cold winter of death.

Now that this is a fact everyone’s gonna die, it’s not that we should be sad or not celebrate. We must, but the thing is are we aware? Are we aware about death and at the same time are we also prepared? What would be your reaction if you knew tomorrow was your last day? Are you prepared to let yourself go. Well you don’t have any choices, everyone is gonna die. But it needs to be taken care if we are aware and prepared or not.

Bartika Eam Rai, on her instagram post sharing her experience after Nepal Tour “Ghar” wrote following words:

The truth is that Ghar was like a dream this time around. Perhaps, I’d be all alright even if I never did have to perform ever again? The level of contentment was super moving. Like I always say, I have lived such a full life. There will be no complains even if I were to die tonight.

As lyrics of her songs are deep, for her to think about death is awesome. But what about you people? I will die someday, you will die someday, my family will die, loved ones will also die. This is a dark thing to loose your loved ones or yourself, but it’s the truth. I keep on thinking about it time and again. Don’t know why, or how should I perceive death but the thoughts keeps notifying like your applications’ push notifications. And I convince my self, this is just the first quarter of my life and yet two third is to be lived. So I  am now convinced with one thing. Noway that I will figure it out how am I going to deal with death, since the universal truth is unknown and uncertain. It can happen anytime. But with the time that I have, I will try to utilize it to the best I can. Traveling, Singing, knowing new people and places, making memories, reading books, logging memories in form of blogs, smiling, helping somebody, leading and guiding are some things I thought will pass the remaining two quarters of life.

There is definitely more in life. Already a heap of knowledge and experiences is  gathered in our mind. Different waves of love and hatred  has broken and mend our life. What’s the use of all these experiences if you won’t get to share it with somebody who understands you. Finding that soul seeker, or to be found is a wonderful part of life to be  experienced. I say this to myself, there are more adventures and pains yet to learn from and explore it’s meaning before it ends.

Does that trouble me? Definitely not! One experiences everything that s/he is destined to. What is meant to happen, eventually happens. What I want to happen, I am investing my time on it. So there are regrets in some part of life in the past. They are definitely there and they will always be. No one can discard the consequences of own actions. But learning from it is what overcomes the regrets. Such is my understanding. In that way I am happier for failing in life. It strengthens me. Therefore all I think about life and death is “Living a blissful life without complain would be a perfect way to end this and call a final goodbye!”