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Heaven Is Myth Nepal Is Real – Kavrebhanjyang

This is me Little Heaven, my amusement park where I spent my entire childhood. Wherever in the world you go, travel or live, nothing can take place in your heart like your home. The place where you spent your childhood is always special. At least it’s valid for me. This place you can see in the picture has given me many things. The curiosity I possess, the attitude and open minded thinking I look up to, the sarcastic and humorous nature, friendliness and the zeal of helping each other all started from this small and sweet village.

This is the place where I was born and raised as a kid. Kavrebhanjyang, it’s 8 Km east from Dhulikhel and is a part of Dhulikhel Municipality. My village looks perfect and picture from this place covers every corner that I relate with my upbringing.

On top right corner near the forest there is Shree Karthari Secondary School and it’s playground. Every friends who joined the picnic today hav spent their childhood playing, football, table tennis, marble and Volleyball in that playground. We have spent  many nights doing fire camps in some corner of that school.

On top left the blurry hill that you can see there lies the Kali temple. The place is called Devisthan and that is where you guys see the famous sharped peak stone of Hajar Sidhi, Dhulikhel. Be it the Dashain Festival, those football matches we used to play during Tihar, or morning rush to reach School via that route, we always used to walk that place and roam around those hills.

All those homes we see in the picture, I can personally tell whom the house that belongs to. How? Besides the participation in social events in the community, every year till school time, we used to play Deushi in Tihar. Now the traditional homes made up of raw bricks are slowly being replaced with concrete structures, but still, we remember which house belongs to which uncle and which house are of my friends.

In the frame I can completely see six houses of my Family who put Tika in Dashain and Tihar together. Now that the school I joined during my childhood has shifter to Panitanki, I can’t find it within the frame. But my childhood school also lied within this same frame a long ago.

So today’s gathering with my seniors and my friends was a memorable day. We steal the fun to its fullest whenever we are together.

We didn’t click a single group photo together. No worries at all. Because the memories matter most and more than the picnic’s photo, picture of my village from this particular place has a dark memory attached within.

In this same place nearly four years back, we were celebrating together to overcome the Earthquake Hangover. The first time when the massive earthquake shook the earth I was there at the School’s playground along with my father ant many other villagers. On nineteenth day of Major Earthquake of year 2072 BS, we were enjoying, reliving a sigh of being alive together with the sadness that was caused by the tremor nation wide. In between when the earthquake’s aftershock shook the entire hill, we were all fucked up. Some started to call their wife, some called their dad in home and started to be worried saying “shit, nobody is answering the call”. We saw few houses falling in the ground by our naked eyes.

Shit happened but we overcame with smile helping each other!

Today being among with my brothers after a long time showered all memories of joy and terror. We also talked about all these things together. Many of them who joined the last picnic were absent today. Some are busy with their work and some are living abroad. But this blog, all the memories, all of the time and togetherness we rejoice through our brotherhood is dedicated to those who were present today and also who didn’t make it. It’s you people that gives me reason to visit home time to time.

Meanwhile, this completed the journey of seventy-three days of daily blog writing commitment. Writing has not become a daily routine. Let’s see how long can it go along 🙂