How Dangerous Are IOT Devices? TEDxBGU Yuval Elovici

This is a summary derived from a TED Talk, given by Yuval Elovici at TEDxBGU. Yuval begins his presentation introducing his smart watch which measures his morning exercises and also the stress level. He travels to his office in a smart car which is connected to the Internet. Than at his research space he used Smart Glass. Back in home he uses a smart refrigerator which has a display that shows message from his wife. He also shares some example of drones which are connected to the internet. He talks about everything is going to be connected with the internet with the help of IOT Devices.

In the presentation he presents an example of a vibrator. The vibrator could be activated via mobile phone. The company that sold vibrators to it’s customers was found using the data such as use of vibrators secretly. This incident was reported at court. As a consequence, the company paid a fine of $10,000  to each customers. This was his first example of security concern in using IOT Devices.

Another example of security with the help of IOT Devices was Blood Level monitoring systems. Suppose one drives his car while he was intoxicated. His car is connected with cloud and so are his intoxication level. The service provider that governs his data in the cloud will be governed by the law and hence your intoxication level will be known to the police officers. So you will eventually be fined for your actions.

If someone exploits our IOT Devices such as the heart rate monitoring devices, one can identify if we are speaking lie or truth. Drones are next generation’s autonomous solutions that will deliver groceries at our door steps. But drones are equally a threat. It can take videos and pictures of our private activities. Yuval has developed a system that prevents drones from taking our pictures or videos. Whenever a drone approaches nearer, the system can detect the author of drone and can take action immediately notifying its owner. Most smart TVs these days have cameras and audio recorders. Any vulnerabilities to those smart devices will cause our personal space prone to attackers.

The presentation ends wish some important remarks. It highlights the vulnerabilities of IOT Divides with various examples. Later he also addresses a need of more security measures to rule the activities that could cause threat to our daily life.