How to download, pause and resume file from any URL’s via terminal?

Are you a Ubuntu user? Do you love to play with your terminal? Here is a useful technique to download files from any website. You may find many tools on the internet but wget is perhaps the simplest way to do it. This is useful only if you are using wget to download files on your Computer.
For downloading any files from any of the websites you just need to do is Open terminal on your computer and use the following command:

wget “download-URL”

If you want to download the file to the current directory then you need to make a slight change in the above command and do it as.

wget -O /home/username/Desktop/ “download-URL”

-O will save the file on its oreginal name so that it will help you to find the file if there are lots of files in the directory and this will now download the file to,


If you want to pause the downloading file then, all you need is the URL that your are downloading something from. Just copy it first and enter this lines in that terminal window.

wget -m -P [download-url]

The above command can pause the downloading files. The next thing is what if you want to continue downloading the paused file? Also, what if your network connection was out for sometime? If you want to resume the download or even after network disconnection then all you need to do is simply run this in terminal.

wget -c -m -P [brokern url]


wget –continue [broken url]