My ‘UBUNTU 14.04‘ takes too much time after first boot. Well genius people will have many tricks and tweaks to speed up their systems but as a beginner, I am researching on the internet about following things which can possibly boost up the performance of Ubuntu:
  1. Packages / Software installed in my Ubuntu.
  2. Distinguishing useful/obsolete software.
  3. Removing unnecessary software, Releasing space, which can increase the speed.
This could be one way of solving the problem of slow performance of speed.
Today I will show some ways to see the packages and software installed in Ubuntu.
  1. Synaptic Package Manager

To open the Synaptic Package Manager in terminal type:

algosig@surfer:~$ sudo synaptic
This will open the GUI of Synaptic Manager. From there you can explore the installed packages.

    2. dpkg --get-selections

To get a list of packages installed locally do this in your terminal:

algosig@surfer:~$ sudo dpkg --get-selections | grep -v deinstall

To save that list to a text file called packages on your desktop do this in your terminal:

algosig@surfer:~$ dpkg --get-selections | grep -v deinstall > ~/Desktop/packages

3.  aptitute

To get just the packages which were expressly installed (not just installed as dependencies), you can run

algosig@surfer:~$ aptitude search '~i!~M'

This will also include a brief description, which you may want. If not, use the option -F '%p'

4. Create Backup

Create a backup of what packages are currently installed:

algosig@surfer:~$ dpkg --get-selections > list.txt

Then (on another system) restore installations from that list:

algosig@surfer:~$ dpkg --clear-selections

algosig@surfer:~$ sudo dpkg --set-selections < list.txt

To get rid of stale packages

algosig@surfer:~$ sudo apt-get autoremove

To get installed like at the backup time (i.e. to install packages set by dpkg --set-selections)

algosig@surfer:~$ sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade

There are many documentations available on the internet and I searched only a few intelligent peoples’ brains. There are many users out there with creative ideas to manipulate terminals and bash scripts. it can by you as well.