Hypothetical Scenario Question: Will you Implant a Memory Chip on Your Brain?

Today is the thirty-second blog post I am writing as a part of my Daily Writing Commitment. Till date, I have covered different topics like travel experience, stories, abstract writing, raising concern on social activities, words of appreciations etc. Some of them might be interesting for you so please have a look at them.

Have You watched this series called Black Mirror?

Today’s blog as written on the title is a hypothetical gossip about a chip implantation on our brain which could do many unbelievable thing with our memory. In this television series black mirror, one episode is related with this hypothetical scenario. Actually the episode is all about the consequences after implementing this memory chip. i will write in short about the plot that happens in this episode of black mirror.

Everyone in the world uses an advanced technology. Whatever they see through their eyes and are stored in their mind can be reviewed via a small remote controller which looks like a capsule. The capsule is as small as a thumb drive and can. Now whatever you will do with your eyes open are recorded in that capsule. So a husband finds out his wife cheating on him by watching that recorded footage of her spending time with a friend in their bed. This screws up everything and the husband nearly kills that guy.
This is just the highlight, but you will be freaking amazed and worried at the same time if you will watch the show.

Going through this particular episode, I imagined this scenario about memory chip implant in your brain. Assume that the implant will enable all your cognition and your memory will unleash answers to and unsolvable questions. This scenario is exactly picturized in a 2014 Movie “Lucy” played by an American Actress Scarlett Johansson. There her power is unleashed by the use of some kind of drug which enables almost 100% brain cognition. her power was inevitable and at the end of the movie she surprisingly gets vanished, nobody knows where. But in the television series black mirror our memories are stored, in a memory chip. And those memories can be wiped out and shared.

I’m not particularly presenting any specific answers about this hypothetical scenario. To be true, I actually don’t have a perfect answer which could surprise my readers. But I have more logic and viewpoints about such scenarios.Every year we are achieving advancement in technology. Both in hardware as well as software innovation are increasing. The mysterious phenomenon done by brain are also slowly being explored by scientists and they are taught to the robots. Not the computation power but an optimized algorithm that reduces operation cycles in solving a problem is actually a difficulty today. And scientists are already developing microchips which are inserted in human body to cure diseases. Innovative solutions in Nano technology, artificial intelligence, robotics, psychology and neurology are being built every year.

So Just Imagine!

So think about imaginations turning into reality with references to innovations like Aeroplane, Satellites, X-Ray Machines, Computers, Telecommunication. And imagine our life with technologies embed in our body with an implant. Like pacemaker to keep our heartbeat controlled, what if in near future, our brain will also be bugged with chips? First thing is if we are willing to do the implant? What if we don’t have a choice rather than having it installed? 

I’m from Nepal, from an economically unstable, educationally, scientifically drowned least developed country. For me to imagine such hypothetical scenarios being real would be like imagining science unleashing the intergalactic travel via quantum loopholes.

But if it does, and you have the key to utilize it for any purpose, good or bad you want to. What would you do with it? I will stop the hypothetical bluff here only with my one with that I would love to do. I would use this implant to unleash the knowledge to understand what was there before the “Nothingness”, before the big bang. I would make the intergalactic exploration possible with quantum portals like Thor does asking Heimdall to open the portals for Asgard. I would explore the real mystery.

Rest is a question for you. How would you react to this question and what thing you would possible imagine doing with such power and knowledge!

1 thought on “Hypothetical Scenario Question: Will you Implant a Memory Chip on Your Brain?

  1. Interesting hypothetical question. I choose not to watch TV or Netflix, preferring to lose myself in the written word or make memories out in nature, so am not familiar with Black Mirror. But if there was a memory chip available I would get one for my dad. His memories have been wiped by an insidious disease. This disease has stolen him from us. If I could I would upload our memories for him. Memories of his beloved mother who died when he was a child. Memories of when he and my mum first met, how they loved each other so much. Memories of their wedding when she was 19 and he 21. Memories of starting a family together and then us all emigrating to a new country. Memories of our families travels around this fabulous country. The places we saw, the experiences we had, the love we have for each other. But my greatest desire would be to upload our names to his memory. When I visit he looks at me blankly. If I could only match up the memory of our faces with our names so he could say them again and know how important he is to us, and we were to him before this disease took him away from us.

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