“I am a reflection of what I do.” – Jobs

“Today I’m not even in the mood of writing. Because I am obsessed in reading than writing. I am currently addicted with this 600 pages long Biography & Autobiography of a Legend in the field of Technology. But now writing has become my daily diet or say my harmony capsule. It’s like having food everyday.”

Reading this book is not yet done because like I already said it’s 600 pages long. In Nepal specially for those family who follow Hinduism, it’s month of reading Shree Swasthani Bratakatha “A religious story”. We take thirty days to read that book, reading each chapter every single day. But this book which I’m currently reading has already reached  chapter twenty-four and page count is still 300.

Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson

Yes obviously “Steve Jobs”. In the field of technology there are very few legends whom we will never forget. Some of them who are widely known and appreciated are Wazniak, Torvalds, Stallman, Jobs, Gates, Swartz, Tesla, Musk, Snowden, Zuckerburg, and the list actually goes on and on. But not today!

Today is not the day to recall all of them. I am so much touched with this one statement that Steve Jobs wrote in his book. So I just want to add it in my daily blog such that I will never forget it in the days to come. This is an important line which I think everyone should stick to their mind. In between those three hundred pages he speaks following line:

” I am a reflection of What I do.”

I took a pause yesterday night at 1:00 AM after I encountered this quote. A cold wave touched me and at the same time, I felt peace and happiness. I was so happy because I found this line. Aren’t you a reflection of your actions? Yes you are.


When Jobs said this line, I found a reason for legends writing about their life deeds. For the whole world Steve Jobs is this Bill Board character with a bright smile and spec on his eyes. Everybody portray him as the figure who changed the history or say brought a revolution in tech industry. But a huuuuuuge Butttttt! 🙂 Good deeds and bad deeds, highs and lows are Ying&yang of life. If any one would easily achieve success, or turn dream into reality with a blink of an eye, there people just imagine how this world would be. Could be an ocean full of peace & prosperity. No soul would be sad and nobody would die from hunger. We are what we are capable of doing. And we do what our mind, heart and soul directly/indirectly guides us to.

Steve Jobs also had done few bad things in his life while he failed to unmask his reality distortion field. The ways he treated his employee at Apple, behavior with his wife, his negligence towards his daughter Lisa, and many are there which I knew reading half of his autobiography.

Steve is the only person who can judge how his reflection has become throughout the course of life. Based upon the stories and facts he has written I felt good to know the dark side of the man who changed the world. He actually changed the world. If I would live my life with just this awesome impression about Job, than I would be wrong. Yes he still earns the same respect, as a legend who has inspired me and many youth around the globe.

Now knowing some down sides of his life, I can relate him as the bright moon which will shine forever. Steve Jobs is a bright full moon for us, whom we can never forget. And like it is said the bright moon does have dark side, such was life of Steve Jobs. Thought it was comparatively low!

In my case, I personally feel that it’s not yet time to evaluate reflections. My life has still not taken a firm shape which could create a mirror of ambition and then reflect it’s result. I am a small tube of silicon ready to be heated in the furnace to create a strong mirror which won’t break in future. Such that it could reflect every action and their outcomes without any hindrance of obstacle from my heart & mind.But this one liner, I will never forget it. Not only remembering the sentence, I will do my best to maintain it as a valid fact. Why not I have to create my own Reality Distortion Field? What goes on being a little bit of a lunatic, if we can stay focused in converting our dreams into reality.

Day 77 of Daily Writing Commitment (Made It this far!)