I Love Free Software

We celebrate Software Freedom Day, SFD Eve, Open Data Day and other activities such as Linux Talks, Trainings of Trainees. Here In Nepal, Nepalese people have started celebrating First Day of English Calendar as the “Dhaka Topi Day”. Dhaka Topi is the National Hat we were in any formal gatherings. This morning I was making jokes on twitter saying “The Celebration done in the first day of English Calendar should actually be celebrated today on Fourteenth of February” Do you know why? Because it’s the Valentine’s day 🙂

I Love Free Software

I got an email from The Free Software Federation which had this big hearts inside. Free Software Federation has initiated this ILoveFreeSoftware Campaign since 2017. The goal behind celebrating this campaign on this particular day is to show love and respect to the creators of Free Tools, contents, software, data and other useful contents. This reason makes me to write a few words about them on this day of celebrating love.

Free and Open Source Software Contributors are working remotely from different corner of worlds. It is very rare that you would get chance to meet anyone who has developed free and open source software, unless it’s a Open Conference happening. Many of such contributors are working for free just because they found their software or piece of code useful. Now they want it to be used by everyone in the world who are trying to solve similar problems.

It’s mostly a job you are doing for free and not getting any direct returns. So how can we supporters of Free and Open Source Software pay back or give credit to them?

Here are a few ways to do so:

  1. Buy their software. There is always a minimal charge allocated for open source software just because they want to collaborate in their software. They are asking money for running other open source projects.
  2. If you are using a piece of code, a blog, some data, visualization from somebody, give credit to the author in your citation. Add the original contributor’s link. They will at least get a backlink.
  3. If you think the open source software can be useful in your community, share it also localize the software. You are directly contributing to the software while you are also promoting open source.
  4. If you are using some library and found some new functionalities could fit in to the framework library. Add the code to the original repo, send a Pull Request for the feature you implemented.
  5. Use their software and provide feedback, bug report if you face any.
  6. However small it could be, if you find any think wrong and missing in the documentation, help the community to update the documentation.
  7. Organize a workshop in the open source tool that you are expert at. Spread the message among University Students, neayby communities.

For this “I Love Free Software” campaign, go to this website, grab some postcards and share it online on your social media platforms with a #ILoveFS hashtag. See these are actually cool stickers.