I Will Continue Writing Daily Blogs!

Neither I was ambitious, nor I had any strong reason while I started writing my daily blogs. One day I felt like I should write. I should express now because I have many things to share. I have observed and experienced many things, so I should write.

Inspired by Techgaun

I roughly started writing blogs online long time back during the fresh year at KU. Back then we Computer Science students used to rush inside Kathmandu University Central Library to check new videos on Youtube and stalk our Facebook posts. While there used to be our seniors Samar and Brisha, who were also busy on the computers but they were doing something meaningful. They were working in their project Techgaun. When we juniors only knew the very basics of C programming and algorithms, at Techgaun we found this many techs, geeky blog posts written by Samar Dai. It made me so curious and then I wanted to start learning as well as sharing technical knowledge. Truly speaking even till this date, I haven’t met any student at our Department DoCSE, KU who are any nearer to Samar Dhwaj Acharya in terms of technical skills. He is my big Inspiration!

Might be wondering why I am writing this long about him? Well, I started my first blog at Blogspot at that time only. The name of the blog was linuslinux. It is not available now on Blogspot. Being a huge fan of Linux Based Operating Systems, Free and Open Source Softwares and FOSS Communities, I chose that name LinusLinux. It is the combination of Linux with the developer of Linux Kernel Linus Torvalds. I wrote few tech blogs at LinusLinux for about a few years.

Than techjhola started.

It also started withing the KU Premises. I remember one day Rabindra, Pratit, Manish and some other friends, as well as juniors, were having intense idea sharing session at KU Cafe. We were there to find a suitable domain name for transferring my blog contents from linuslinux. And TechJhola happened. IT went so damn well. I used to write all alone. Soon we found a team of bloggers who contributed their knowledge and time. But even that continued for a year and then it stopped. It went well. We as a team even made three episodes of a Podcasts. But that stopped.

Now comes the daily Blog

Daily blog started to check if I can beat my own drawbacks. I love to read and write blogs. I also wanted to create a blog circle which could bring Nepali bloggers from different domains together. I feel ashamed and sorry for not fulfilling the commitment I promised some time back in 2017.

So with this disappointment, my interest to write and share and my instant mood, I started writing on fifteenth November 2018. It went continuously for more than forty days. And as my graduate class started, I felt like this couldn’t continue. I was writing on every alternate day. It was a sign of being off the track.

Than I saw this “NAS DAILY”

This Guy Nas completed a thousand days making daily videos of around one minute. For 1000 days, all he did was traveled, gathered tons of experiences and made a video every single day. This fact is more than enough for me to rejuvenate the positive energy and continue writing my daily blog which I started 40 days earlier.

That’s It

I checked my count of daily blogs I have listed in the blog Let’s write something daily With a few gaps I have written forty-seven blogs. Hence I will continue, my blogs daily again. Today’s blog counts forty-eighth blog.