InfiniteCast E01: Victim of Trying to Find a Great Title!

But Achieved nothing special through all the social media and digital presence I made throughout years. Because personally the effort I made was not enough. Everybody does that, everybody keeps creating content and publishing stuffs. This is how these days internet is a fucking mess. But only few percentage are making a real effort. Real as in a consistent effort. Everybody does invest time in creating content such that they will get something meaningful result in return right? So did I but I was not consistent and that is what happened. I feel like shit when I am saying this again because I was done with the collaborating rant I threw at my blog only. But let me repeat it once again.
Yet again, I call this as the first episode of my podcast because evrytime I had started doing podcast, I have left it in the middle (actually this is the third time in last 3 years).
Otherwise the first series I did with the Techcast group had three episodes, it sounded like a radio program. why not one of the team member was a RJ and also the aduio mixing part was his job so we were yelling in big vioces saying “Suchana Prabidhi ma bla bal bla yo ho karyakram TechJhola” If we had done about twenty episodes there was chances of getting a take at nearby Local FMs because we were talking about TECH in Nepali langauge. We did three episodes and that was the last collaboration I did with that Radio Guy. Then things stopped. I was doing my internship, was not sure if I would get the job so the focus got loose and it stopped. I will come with the techjhola and what happened in between also but first let me finish my podcasts thing.
Next I did was InfiniteCase, again I did three episodes. Don’t know why this number three is so special for me. But yes I made about three of them, That was back in 2018. I remember one episode was about returning from CHaimale resort and winning our Futsal Tournament. I was working as a software engineer at Verscnend Last Year. Not now 🙂 Now is a different story, I will tell about that too, coz today I have no good topic to begin with, but the taste of failure and taste of not doing, procastinating and escaping out is right here in my brain. So even when I have nothing I will start with my moments of failure.

And I already did right? Two podcasts ended before it began like anything else. And the only reason I can relate for those failure was me myself, I gave the right effort which I thought was a great effort. But I was wrong. If that was the right efffort than I would be sharing my 30 or 40th podcast among you people. But it failed. So it’s me…