#Day1: Emerging Technology, IoT(Internet of Things) & Research Methodologies.

Attended two formal class lectures which were three hours long, after almost two years. Yawned a little, checked phone and my watch a few times, and was distracted many times. First class of Graduate Studies.

On today’s blog, I am gonna share my experience of sticking to the same place for almost three long hours and learning about new courses of my Graduate Studies. This is not gonna be an interesting blog to catch up for readers from non-technical background. Sorry about that 🙂

Two lectures on “Emerging Technology” & “Research Methodologies” Both of the lectures were interactive. Emerging Technology focuses on the Internet of Things(IoT). I was surprised to know that professors and universities here at Nepal would offer courses on such a cutting-edge technology like IoT. Professor Dr. Manish Pokharel, later on, shared his interest in IoT and why he started teaching this course since 2017. On Emerging Technology we will be focusing on Cloud Computing, Big Data, and the Internet of Things. The major focus will be on IoT while Cloud Computing and Big Data will also be explored during the course.

Both of the classes were interactive. On Research Methodologies lecture, we shared our points about research and how research works are carried out. Than Associate Professor, Dr. Bal Krishna Bal corrected our ideas and refined the points based upon the principals of Research Methodologies. We learned the six P’s ( Purpose, Products, Process, Participants, Paradigm, and Presentation) We also discussed examples of rigor and relevance in research studies. Both of the lectures were productive. We are now assigned with topics for presentation.

First class and presentation assignment?

Yes, for the four of us who did our undergraduate at Kathmandu University, this thing is not new. We were taught Cloud Computing in a similar approach by Manish sir and we did give the presentation on those topics. Also, we have an idea of reading technical papers.

It seems like the academia journey is gonna be fun as well as challenging. It’ll not be that exciting than working on a software company. Since we work on Agile Software Development Methodologies, the work is interactive, knowledgeful, iterative and productive. Everything happens in a short as well as specific time. But the case of University is somehow different. The interesting part about the graduate studies is gonna be new friends. There are about 12 new faces in the graduate level and four of us KU Guys(Aakash, Arun, Birat and Me). So let’s hope that we can create a good bond of friendship and project partners to team up for research works in the future.

I also met this beautiful Traveler Pragya, a Computer Engineer in making and we had our lunch together. Thank you for your comapny. Last time when I saw her, she was doing her Trek at Tilicho Lake with her father. We have more to talk about the journey, which is gonna happen pretty soon.

It’s the fortieth day of my blogging as a part of daily writing commitment Please find all my blogs, go through them and provide your valuable feedback. Thank You and Happy reading. I’m feeling like the daily writing might not be continued as the classes continues according to the schedule. Let’s see what happens!