Do You Invest in Yourself?

My mind never let’s me keep quiet. This devil’s pot is always making noises of various kinds. I feel so damned, because I’m ruled by this meat ball’s instruction. The same mind showers this insight of being focused, dedicated towards some goals. It teaches me that life lived without any reasons, is a life wasted. But at the same time, when I feel dedicated and want to achieve something, I turn out to do dozens of other useless things. And every important things remains incomplete. Even in writing my daily blogs. The night I participated in a concert at Patan Durbar Square, I was gonna write my daily blog. I was dedicated and was gonna give continuity to my daily blog. But this thug that’s inside my brain convinced me that you did so many things today. So rejoice them. Yes, I actually did the admission of my Graduate Class at KU on that day. Then I went to Kritipur met my friend Batari. While returning back I met two new people Jagriti and (shit forgot her name ๐Ÿ™ ). And in the evening I attended the concert of Bartika Eam Rai. Returning back home, I met a guy named Niroj. Walking with him from Patan till Baneshwor Chwok was another experience. It made me miss my friend Niraj. So many things happened. I got fooled by my own mind and I enjoyed the night watching movie with my brother.ย Again from the next day I started to write.

I consider that this daily writing is a kind of investment that I am putting on me. The time, thoughts, words and dedication that I have been able to commit so far is one heck of an experience. And this is a good experience. I’m able to put the thoughts that I can imagine in words and write with ease.

In the beginning, I had thought let’s try with a commitment. The commitment of writing daily. It was an experiment to check if I could beat my procrastination. Procrastination is a bitch and it spits poison in our mind. So far, I am beating my reason to not write by writing daily. I’m still not confident that I will continue this. But the investment I made till this date has payed me with happiness. Yes this writing thing has become a pain in the ass most of the time. But again, I am writing which is great.

This is a small amount of investment.

I can happily recall last sixty days I wrote something. Yes, of course they all are my views and are written based upon the knowledge I have. These articles that I have written won’t do any good for the readers. Definitely, it won’t because those are my abstract feelings which I have written to express my good/bad/emotional feelings in words. But for me it keeps great value.

But this is not enough. Now that I have more free time than before. I quit my day job which was 9 hours in a day. For three days, I will be attending my regular classes. So rest of the day, I need to figure out how am I gonna spend it. My daily writing commitment will definitely help me in accepting other challenges.

That’s My Story

I’m slowly being aware. I am aware about my actions. And slowly I have some realization about the path that I need to move on. The only problem that is blocking me is my mind. Mind and it’s devilish thoughts which keeps me distracting. So the challenges to be fought in upcoming days will be to fight this distraction. I should work on overcoming the devilish thoughts of mind and accept new challenges to commit exciting challenges.

This Is How I Invest In Myself.

I identify my weakness and start working on them. This year too, I will work on some of those weakness. Friends give comments about the daily blog I am writing. They say I am doing a commendable work. Yes to some extent, but there are dozens of weaknesses that I need to fight upon. This daily writing commitment is just a small exercise!

That is how I am fighting my weaknesses. This is my investment. You have different problems and you also want to get rid of it. So again Are you investing in Yourself? If so How?

Sixty-one days so far! Wow ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been writing daily blogs since last 61 days. Please go through my daily blogs which I am writing as a part of my daily writing commitment. It would be great to receive your valuable feedback, suggestions and comments in my blog posts.