Is a Machine Intelligent Enough to Predict Homo Sapiens’ Future?


Science Fiction is all over me, maybe it’s the long addiction of watching “FLASH” and other such series and movies. Characters from fiction movies and series predict somebody’s future or travel back to the past as simple as blinking an eye. This astounds me many times and I keep thinking if our future is really near to such fiction stories which we kind of think as a bluff. Also day by day we are getting to read advancements in Artificial Intelligence. So I’m curious if I will be alive to see such man-made miracles into a machine.


Provided a sufficient amount of data about the present action we are performing, With the help of essential statistical regression models, we can predict the result in future. This is done in mathematics. And a machine is just a bot to perform the rules defined in it. So if numbers can be predicted through mathematics, why cannot a machine predict the future of mankind? Prediction includes (movement, feelings, action and reaction, etc…).


With reference to mathematics let us Consider if a Company X gains an income of amount a in month 1, b in month 2, c in month 3, d in month 4, then with some mathematical calculations( probability, fuzzy logic, regression analysis, any ) we can say that the company will earn the income e in month 5, and so on. Here the input data is some numbers and constraints for calculation is income in next time period.
Now it could be weird to put my thinking in a practical way, but let’s take above mathematical modal if the movement of our hands and legs, our anger, and stress, sentiments and etc are recorded in a various time interval. Could an Intelligent machine predict what will be our next movement, sentiment, and decision? Human being a.k.a Homo Sapiens are also some machine(Say an advanced machine, consisting of skin and which breaths, digests food, breathes air senses to the light. Yes, humans are far more intelligent and are complex to understand. But Human perform their activities according to the results or guidelines given by the neurons.
So now if we will observe a human being for decades, and note down the activities performed. A Machine can definitely observe some similar patterns like certain sets of actions human beings are likely supposed to provide a similar pattern of outcome. Analyzing those patterns I believe a machine can predict the future actions as well as the actions of those activities as well. In this condition, we can say there is a high probability for a machine to predict our actions. We can consider many sentiment analysis projects which have been successful in predicting what our next tweet will be.
Now comes the serious part which is not less than a fiction. Can an intelligent machine predict what our action will be in our future? Can we rely on a machine which will be predicting our actions after let’s say 10 years? Wouldn’t it be more similar then believing to a fortune teller?


Wow how easily a Machine predicted our future. But here are some serious parts which are major concerns for a machine to claim as an intelligent machine strong enough to predict Homo Sapiens future.
  • First, we still are learning how our Brain works. Even though Machine Learning and Neural Network has progressed, but we have yet many mysteries to unfold about our brain. Researchers are working on it, but the progress is slower then we expect such science fiction to become real.
  • The hormones in a human body keep changing from time to time, our bones, skin and other parts keep changing from time to time. We have no control over it. This phenomena of which we are unaware, of how things happen, how can a machine unveil the secret within our physical system?
  • The consciousness of a Human Being, which is a mystery to us. We don’t know, well I don’t know how my body maintains its cycle of 24 hours in a day. How do we feel, taste or breathe the environment? So Predicting our future also means predicting our end. Which I think will never be achieved by a machine.