Is Nepal really dangerous to visit or make friends online?

Is Nepal really dangerous to visit or make friends online?

Making friends online is up to you. Nothing can be trusted online. Because whether on not you apply any security approaches, technologies are always vulnerable. So while making friends from Nepal or any other country make sure that the person behind the black mirror talking with you is a genuine one. You can link his other profiles history and activities to assume if the account/ person is a fake or a real one. And if your choices match than, congratulation.

And regarding visiting Nepal, it is not dangerous at all. If you had asked this same question 12–15 years ago then I myself being a citizen would answer it’s worst to visit here. Because the Maoist terror was ongoing back then.

But these days politically government is stable for next five years. And no riots or bands are noticed around. So you can definitely visit Nepal.

New places that are explored for visiting actually has roads, tea houses, tourist check posts, tourist bus parks too. So you can take full facilities and also ask for help whenever needed.

If you are looking for places to hike nearby the major cities, most of them are already commercialized. So there are all infrastructures and it won’t be of any risk.

If you are looking to explore the unexplored or least explored than it is wise to enroll through some renowned Travel Agencies. They will arrange for you with local guides and porters which will be of great help for you.