July Update on LibreOffice Translation by Nepali Translation Team

Because We Love our Language and Translation Connects Technology by dividing the language Barrier

There is some interesting news to share among the tech enthusiasts of KUCC. July is the third month of LibreOffice Translation started by volunteers from Kathmandu University Open Source Community and FOSS Nepal Community. Below highlighted are some updates on Translation Project happened in between May-July:


Resolved all Critical Errors

As a part of the improvement, we have completed all Critical errors. While we started translation in the month of April there were 8500+ Critical Errors. In the month of May-June, we had around 999 errors. Last week some of the active contributors Saroj Dhakal, Nirajan Pant, Dipesh Kumar & Suman Dhakal completed those critical errors.

A screenshot of our recent update is displayed below:

LibreOffice Nepali Translators’ Discussion Mailing List

In the second week of July, we worked along with LibreOffice Team to get a mailing list for LibreOffice Nepali Translators. Therefore we have our mailing list at discuss@ne.libreoffice.org

I would like to request all new and existing contributors to subscribe the mailing list to get updates about the Translating Community:

To Subscribe:

  1. Send an email to discuss+subscribe@ne.libreoffice.org
  2. Email Body should look something like :
    To: discuss+subscribe@ne.libreoffice.org
    Subject: Request For Subscription
    Body: “ I’m a contributor to LibreOffice Translation Community from Nepal.
    Could you please add me to the mailing list?
    Thank You
  3. Your email will be approved by the LibreOffice Team and after you will get the confirmation email, you will receive updates from the LibreOffice Nepali Translation Team

What Next?

Critical Errors were one small hectic task that we had to do. But that’s not all. We still have 840K Characters to Translate. We will slowly and passionately give our time, organize translation and will keep on translating.


Because We Love our Language and Translation Connects Technology by dividing the language Barrier