Keeping humanity in classroom and its impact on students

Syllabus based, Credit wise GPA hunting education system is literally boring. You will realize this when have to scratch your head while solving real-life problems. How frustrating it feels when all those theories you read, all those practicals you did can neither be applied with an individual’s approach nor applies in your problem that you go through daily.


Sometimes I feel like the learning and exploring brain which was always fascinated by numerous phenomena of mother nature since our childhood is diverted or blocked by this education system. In our childhood, we used to wonder about how are rainbow formed, why this piece of paper ‘money’ values so much, why fire always rises up and are raindrops spherical. All these quests get answered in your higher education. But not in an interesting way as you wondered in your childhood. But via boring lectures of Numbers, theories, principles, and dozens of assignments, assessments. And this is our education system you must have a certificate such that society can know about s/he is aware of that baggage full of formulas and theories.

A class should not be a typical classroom where professors with round glasses yell loud about some topic pointing towards a PowerPoint. Professors don’t seem to be interested in student’s creativity anymore. All they care about is completing 10–15 slides in a lecture and letting students learn rest of the 30–40 slides in their own.

If students were provided with a class where they had to follow the syllabus but their content would more likely be the capsules which upon right implementation could solve problems of a society for a cause.

Our course syllabus and content are never such inspiring/motivating. But, teachers can be the key-person to spread this inspiration if their teaching experiences instead of nasty old slides can be a medium to make an impact on students.

When a professor teaches about 3 Golden Principles of Accounting rather than starting with Debit the receiver and credit the Giver, if s/he starts with involving students as receivers and make a live example we could receive many things than the principles like:
– it definitely doesn’t let students to sleep during lecture 🙂 ,
– in makes the class interactive and delivers the course book’s lesson through a visual representation which will never be forgotten.
– it increases the bonding among students and teacher and in the rest of the lectures students will be excited about what he has for us today!


This is how one can revive the long gone humanity, interactivity & creativity of learning/teaching inside a classroom which itself is a motivational factor for creating an impact among students!


These days playgroups and kindergarten are the only classes where students are taught with abundant materials. As we reach higher grade we are only limited with a projector and a pointer to point and switch the slides. Instead, if lecturers would bring a business problem(real-life scenario) and let students solve it, prepare models, draw solutions, make designs, demo a model for solving it this would revive the creativity in a classroom which every student dreams of while entering the classroom for the first time.

It could awestruck even more if those solutions could be implemented in the community as a cure of that problem.

This could actually turn classroom into playground, students into teams, teacher as a mentors and students’ solutions as their rewards after being implemented for saving lives/time/money of many.

Written while I helped Stuti Sing Basnet for her project or presentation. Written with collaborative feedback from both of us.